Have you decided to incorporate the solar electricity in your home but are torn between the different options available in the market? It happens! After scouring through the internet, maybe one type of product caught your eye – Solar angel lights.

The idea of changing to a sustainable power system is wise. Why? It is mainly due to the whopping 13,259 MW of solar electricity produced by the United Kingdom in 2019.

Wanting to jump on this trend will bring fruitful results for your home and your bill. With a solar-powered angel light, you can enhance the property value of your house. At the same time, buyers can choose a greener energy source for the night.

Due to their popularity, the internet is filled with unparallel designs and unique features. Hence, it might get hard to choose the perfect one that transcends all aesthetic beauty.

Here is everything you need to know about solar angel lights, their advantages, shortcomings and their wonderful features.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar angel lights available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Picks of the 10 Best Solar Angel Lights




WAYDA Solar Angel Decorative Light

WAYDA Solar Angel Decorative Light

WAYDA Solar Angel lights provide you with all the features they promise. With a beautiful design, long-lasting operation, and efficient solar power functionality, WAYDA is a brand you can trust. Read more

VP Home Solar Light with Praying Angel

VP Home Solar Light with Praying Angel

The VP Home Solar light with a praying angel is an excellent addition to your home and garden. You can be assured of the lights shining for long hours once they have been charged fully. Read more

GloBrite Fairy Angel Solar Light

GloBrite Fairy Angel Solar Light

One of the most premium-made solar angel lights on the list is the ones by GloBrite. You will truly enjoy this purchase with excellent craftsmanship, solar-powered sustainable nature, and a figurine big enough to catch your attention. Read more

OakiWay Solar-Powered Angel Figurine

OakiWay Solar-Powered Angel Figurine

Are you looking for a beautiful remembrance or sympathy gift? OakiWay has come with a great option of an angel figurine with a lovely orange light and wind chimes. You should definitely try it out! Read more

Kaixoxin Angel Solar Light

Kaixoxin Angel Solar Light

Kaixoxin angel solar lights look good, do their job well, and are hassle-free installation. What else would you ever need? Read more

Kearui Angel-Themed Outdoor Solar Lights

Kearui Angel-Themed Outdoor Solar Lights

Kearui offers you angel lights in the most unique design! You also get the functionality to change 7 colours and mix and match according to the setting. Read more

CUBULAR Garden Fairy Shell Solar Light

CUBULAR Garden Fairy Shell Solar Light

These solar angel lights are worth every penny. Hand-painted in bright colours with long-lasting UV-resistant capabilities, they work as great and lasting gifts for your loved ones. Read more

GardenKraft Solar LED Angel Light

GardenKraft Solar LED Angel Light

GardenKraft Solar LED Angel lights could be one of the best garden ornaments for your happy and sad days. Moreover, these lights will automatically turn in with the help of the inbuilt solar panel attached discreetly behind the lights. Read more

HDNICEZM Solar Garden Stake Angel Light

HDNICEZM Solar Garden Stake Angel Light

Hdnicezm provides buyers with just what they want – simple and tasteful lights. On top of that, you get features like easy installation, sturdy nature, and a high-quality material build. A good deal, we must say. Read more

SOLARATION Solar Frosty Angel Lights

SOLARATION Solar Frosty Angel Lights

Want some tiny, frosty angel lights for the garden? Well, you need to try the plastic-made Solaration angel lights. They also come with feathery texture wings that consist of optic fibre. Read more

Best Solar Angel Lights

1. WAYDA Solar Angel Decorative Light

WAYDA Solar Angel Decorative Light

WAYDA promises you all a multipurpose solar angel light that you can use in various weather conditions. These solar angel decorative lights give off a warm light for 6 to 8 hours after a charging time of the same duration.

Let’s go deeper into the top features of the WAYDA Solar Angel Decorative light for you to know why the product is such a big hit.


Ultimate Durability

The WAYDA Solar Angel Decorative light is built of pure natural resin and plastic. It is made after high-temperature burning, has strong objectivity, and with IP65 waterproof capabilities. These features allow the lights to be long-lasting and durable.

Easy to Install

These solar angel lights are extremely easy to install. They have an ABS plastic triangular ground plug design which can be plugged and inserted wherever you like. You will also find a switch at the bottom of the product.

You need to turn on this switch and then install the lights. Post this, you will have to insert the solar light inside the soft soil, and voila, you are good to go.

Multipurpose Product

This is a factor that is far more essential than you would think. WAYDA solar angel lights are multipurpose and can be used to decorate several areas in your home.

You can put these lights in your aisle, lawn, garden, porch, walkways, yard paths, etc. Adding this light to your garden or the terrace will bring a new colour and warm light. You can gift these beautiful angel lights to people on birthdays, Christmas, or other social events.

Beautiful Design

Who wouldn’t love some beautiful solar lights? We know you would, and that is where WAYDA wins the game. These lights have a beautiful look, fine artistry, and meticulous design.

The manufacturers have also added artificial spray paint, a classic retro feel, and nonfading abilities. So, rest assured you can enjoy this design for a long time.


  • Durable and waterproof
  • No extra wire or electric current is required
  • Automatic charging design of the Amorphous silicon solar panel


  • Light may seem dim to some people

2. VP Home Solar Light with Praying Angel

VP Home Solar Light with Praying Angel

VP Home has also brought about a tremendous solar-powered angel light that can be a great addition to your homeware. It has an angel statue with a built-in candle that will flicker, similar to a real fire. The result? Well, you get a welcoming and soft light from the product.


Perfect Decorative Essence

The beautiful praying angel design makes the lights a perfect gift option and a source of blessing. It can be utilised in an array of areas in your home, such as the garden, near the kitchen, or even in any room, specifically your kid’s room.

However, it should only be kept in areas with direct sunlight in your homes or outdoor such as in the garden, patio, pathway, lawn, porch, or driveway.

Easy Installation

The installation of these lights is relatively simple. In terms of working, VP Homes promise automatic functioning. Since a solar panel powers the lights, they absorb the light energy in the morning and then automatically turn on once the sun goes away.

With complete charging, this solar-powered light will brighten up for long periods. It also charges pretty quickly.


The angel solar lights from VP Home measure 8″W x 9″H x 4.5″ D, making the product very light and handy at the same time. Another reason as to why they would be excellent gifts to your loved ones.

Features High-Quality Materials

VP Home Solar light with praying angel is made of top-class polyresin materials. These elements help the angel lights to last long and work effectively. You also get a rechargeable battery in the set.


  • High-quality polyresin materials used
  • Beautifully built product
  • The light looks almost like real flames and is up and shining all night
  • Can be picked as a decorative sculpture or memorial


  • The packaging of the product could be better

3. GloBrite Fairy Angel Solar Light

GloBrite Fairy Angel Solar Light

Are you looking for a fairy sculpture solar light made of premium materials? If that’s your case, GloBrite Fairy Angel Solar light might be the best fit for you. Read on to look into the top features of this brand’s angel solar lights.


High-Quality Materials

Globe Fairy Angel Solar lights are built with durable resin materials that are corrosion resistant and waterproof to avoid any effects of the weather conditions. Whether there is snow, hail, or rain, you will still have an A1 product.

Exquisite Design

One of the best features of these angel solar lights is the touch of tranquillity that they bring wherever they are placed. The angel statue also has a crystal glass crackle ball on the side.

Moreover, this exquisite design has been hand-painted, making the entire product even more unique.

Perfect for Garden Décor

The dimensions of GloBrite Angel Solar lights are large enough to attract attention in a garden. With 16.5x 11.5x 22.5cm, the angel light also works well for gardens, walkways, stairs, and villas decoration.

Sustainable Power Option

The best part of this exquisite fairy sculpture is that it is solar-powered, reducing your energy bills and causing less harm to the environment. The crystal glass crackle ball in the setup has a solar-powered LED.

A complete charge would take about 6 to 8 hours and will turn on automatically after dusk.


  • Solar-powered LED light
  • Exquisite craftsmanship
  • Automatic illumination
  • Made from resin


  • Designed mainly for spring and summer months only

4. OakiWay Solar-Powered Angel Figurine

OakiWay Solar-Powered Angel Figurine

If you are on the lookout for a memorial garden stone sympathy gift or a cemetery grave decoration for a loved one, a solar-powered Angel figurine might just be a great pick. OakiWay promises the best of the best features to its customers, clubbed with an exquisite design and a quotation that will touch your heart.


Perfect Sympathy Gift

Funeral flowers never last too long, and memorial sympathy gifts tend to become repetitive and not personalised. In such a case gifting a unique sympathy gift that is long-lasting and comes with a special sympathy card could be an idea that you can try.

The memorial wind chimes statue by OakiWay can be used as remembrance gifts, in memory of loved ones and sympathy gifts if you have lost a dear one. The wind chimes soothing sound and light together make for a beautiful combination.

Good-Quality Materials Used

This beautiful decorative light is made of polyresin materials and is hand-painted. The wind chimes are built of aluminium, which creates a soft sound.

Unique and Peaceful Design

Along with the wind chimes, the angel is also peaceful and super lovely at night. The solar-powered LED lights up the orange section in the angel lights. This makes the angel statues way more beautiful.

Durable During Windy Days

The lights come with a beautiful message which says – “Every time the wind blows, I think of you”, which signifies the depth of the loss. On top of that, this is one of those lights that quite literally need wind for the soft and soothing music to play.

Their built has been made in such a way that the wind doesn’t have a negative effect on its functioning. Moreover, the dimensions, 9.9 x 9 x 3.4 inches, and weight of 2.27 pounds make it heavy enough. So, you don’t need to worry about the angel lights being blown away by the wind.


OakiWay solar angel lights come backed up with three years warranty.


  • Beautiful design
  • Can brace the winds
  • Warranty


  • The chime can be better manufactured

5. Kaixoxin Angel Solar Light

Kaixoxin Angel Solar Light

Kaixoxin Angel Solar light is a gorgeous and unique design light making it a nice option for your patio, lawn, pathway, or backyard to build a romantic or creative feeling. You can also use these solar lights in a cemetery as a remembrance gift. Some of the product’s top features have been listed below for your reference.


Gorgeous Design

These angel lights are no less than a fairy stake that looks beautiful near the grass or the trees. The beautifully and intricately built design makes it an ideal gift for your relative or friend to have a great festivity like a housewarming party.

Easy to Install

Kaixoxin Angel solar lights come with a garden stake stand. You need to press this stake in the soil and let the switch be in the AUTO position. You can press these lights wherever you like.

You don’t need any wiring or any external wiring for this installation.

Perfect Size for Garden

A winning factor for these lights is that they come in just the right size for your garden. The dimensions: 7.48inch x 2.36-inch x 16.74-inch work well for big space. These lights are IP44 waterproof rated as well, so you can use them in harsh weather conditions.

Uses Sustainable Energy

Like the other options in this listing, the Kaixoxin Solar Garden stake lights are run by solar energy. They are used with a solar panel, and a solar-powered battery can support up to 6 hours of operation at night once it is fully charged.

The lights have an automatic on and off option, which helps save energy.


  • Unique design
  • Suitable size
  • Ensures long-lasting nature
  • Waterproof


  • The wiring isn’t very secure

6. Kearui Angel-Themed Outdoor Solar Lights

Kearui Angel-Themed Outdoor Solar Lights

Kearui Angel Solar lights are synonymous with stunning designs. These lights are genuinely one of a kind with their colour-changing tendencies. You can get as many as 7 different colours that will be perfect to light up your gardens, patios, or lawns. Let’s understand their top features in-depth.


Spectacular Design

One of the biggest USPs of these angel solar lights is their standout design. These lights are very different from the other options available in the market. The impressive design and the awe-inducing wings can be seen from all angles.

The shape of these solar angle lights symbolises kindness, purity, hope, comfort, and protection.

Colour Changing Features

Yes! You read this right. These lights by Kearui come with 7 colour-changing abilities. Moreover, these lights turn on automatically in the dark to brighten up your spaces. Since they give off bright colours, you can use them both as path lights and in-ground lights.

The preferable locations are in the flowerbed, patio, walkway, fence, flowerbed, walkway, graves, and similar places.

Goes Well with Garden Décor

The Kearui package for solar angel lights includes two packs of these solar-powered angel lights. The package consists of these colourful lights that can light up any area and create a romantic and serenity vibe. These features make it an undeniable fit for garden decoration.

Efficient Throughout the Night

Kearui ensures that users get a long work time from these solar angel lights; these yard lights operate for around 6 to 8 hours at night if they have been fully charged in the day.

During the day, you can use them as accessories to decorate your fence, while in the darkness, they will automatically light up to brighten the pathway and garden.


  • Unique design
  • Sustainable lighting
  • Colour changing lights


  • The spike end may come off with excessive use

7. CUBULAR Garden Fairy Shell Solar Light

CUBULAR Garden Fairy Shell Solar Light

These 6 inches tall these solar lights are the best of the lot! The design is as royal as it gets, and so are the top-notch features. The manufacturer has used high-quality materials to construct these lights, and you will observe the same once you have started using them.


Automatic Turn on Feature

Like many other solar light options, these angel lights also have an auto-on/off option. You just need to turn the fairy shell figurine on and let it be in this position in the daytime.

The solar panel of the angel lights will absorb the sun rays during the day and automatically light up during the night. The lights will stay out for 8 hours in the summers while 5 hours post a full charge in the winters.

High-Quality Product

The figurines in the product have been hand-painted with vibrant colours, and the angel light is completely waterproof. The external parts of these lights have been made with long-lasting resin.

The paint used is UV resistant, making the lights very lasting and solid.

Good Lawn Ornament

CUBULAR angel solar lights are perfect as garden décor and work well with fences, flowerbeds, walkways, and trees placement. You can plant these lights anywhere and enjoy the colour during the day and the warm light at night. Isn’t it the best garden décor ever?

Money-Back Warranty

In case of any questions, feel free to contact the accommodating CUBULAR customer service team. They’ll get back to you in the next 24 hours. The company also offers 90 days replacement or a risk-free refund warranty with the product.


  • Warranty
  • Top-class design
  • Auto on-off
  • Can work in winter as well


  • The size isn’t that big

8. GardenKraft Solar LED Angel Light

GardenKraft Solar LED Angel Light

Much like the brand’s name, their solar angel lights are no less than a craft for your garden. These solar-powered LED angel lights come with fibre optic wings, and warm white LEDs to brighten up wherever they are put. Some of the main features of the GradenKraft Solar LED Angel lights areas follows:


Weatherproof Product

GardenKraft provides users with warm white LED lights with a solid weatherproof casing that ensures the illuminations are as bright as possible all around the year in any type of weather condition.

Auto Functionality

You also get the advantage of an auto-on functionality with these decorative garden cherubs. They come with a built-in sensor that indicates when the light is beginning to recede and automatically turns on without any added assistance.

Great Design for Gardens

As mentioned in the product intro, these 19 cm x 9 cm garden decoration lights have a light body clubbed with beautiful fibre optic wings. These physical features allow you to have a beautiful garden.

Great Usage of Solar Power

The angel lights from GradenKraft have a solar-run body; the body converts the natural run rays in the daytime into a warm white illumination at night. The fibre optic wings also give out additional light.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Stunning design
  • Auto functionality
  • Strong brand vale of GardenKraft


  • Not very long-lasting

9. HDNICEZM Solar Garden Stake Angel Light

HDNICEZM Solar Garden Stake Angel Light

If you don’t know it already, Hdnicezm has been crushing the market with some top-class full metal solar angel lights. These solar lights will win your hearts with easy installation, a reasonable warranty, and a beautiful design.


Easy to Install

Hdnicezm gives you the benefit of easy and hassle-free installation. You would not need any wiring or extra external electricity. You need to simply press their stake in the garden soul and just turn the light switch on.

Once you’re done with these steps, your solar angel lights are up and working.

Utilises Solar Power

This solar garden stake angel light uses solar power to facilitate its lighting. It has a solar cracked glass LED responsible for collecting the sunlight during the day. It gives off a relaxing and warm light to comfort you all at night.

Breath-taking and Well Designed

The body of these solar angel lights is well made and adequately designed. Hdnicezm ensures that the lights look good along with working effectively.

Certified Durability

The stake angel light has been certified by CE, FCC, and Rosh for its high-quality design and high durability of lights. The company also covers a 180 days warranty, and the replacement guarantee option is against any defects.

Buyers enjoy 30 days return policy along with IP64 water and weatherproof tendencies in the product.


  • Certified durability and made of high-quality metal
  • Water and weatherproof
  • The light is working for long hours
  • 180 days warranty


  • Internal construction could be better

10. SOLARATION Solar Frosty Angel Lights

SOLARATION Solar Frosty Angel Lights

What if you wish to have a gorgeous frost angel figurine in your backyard and not the usual angel lights? Well, we would ask you to pick the Solaration Solar frosty angel lights. These are one-of-a-kind lights with a very long operation time. It checks all the boxed of a great solar angel light.


Gorgeous Figurine

The figurine is unique and very Christmassy in its vibe. You get a pretty frosty angel with a beautiful shape along with some feathery texture wings. These wings are constructed with optic fibre, which glows around them.

Solar Powered

The figurine consists of solar-powered LED lights that come with a built-in AA rechargeable battery.

Perfect Décor

These solar angel lights are a perfect decoration for the patio, flower beds, and garden for almost all seasons.

Long Operation Guarantee

The solar angel lights by Solaration promise to run up to 8 hours in the nighttime, providing you with a long operation.


  • Good looking lights
  • Long work hours
  • Solar-powered


  • Not sturdy

Solar Angel Light Buying Guide

Now that you have a good idea about the different solar angel lights, it is time for you to indulge more profoundly in it.

Indeed, you might have questions about the workings of the solar angel lights. In this section, you will get to know all about the functionality, workability, and benefits of such lights. With this understanding, you can finally invest in one of the best lights reviewed in this article.

Read through this guide to gain solutions and insight into specific and other fundamental questions about this product.

What Are Solar Angel Lights?

Angel Solar LightsAny light powered by the sun having an angel-like appearance can be called solar angel lights. These products have a unique design that resonates with the aesthetics of a hypothetical angel.

Not only is it reminiscent of Christianity, but it also invokes a sustainable entity in your home.

Solar angel lights come in different statue-like structures featuring powerful solar panels and batteries. Besides, the LED light might not be efficient enough to light up your whole space.

These garden decorations have waterproofing features, and some are automatic. It will increase your home’s aesthetics and bring efficiency to your space. You can even present these products as a housewarming gift for your loved ones.

Are Angel Solar Lights Easy to Use?

Like any other solar-powered light, these angel-themed ones also have an easy-to-use functionality. All one really has to put effort into is placing the light in a particular position. Ensure that the solar panel is directly facing the sun.

Once you have placed it in a suitable space, you can see its automatic functionality at night. You might need to turn a switch that allows the battery to store the converted energy.

The light will require at least 8 hours of direct sunlight to stay on for the entire night. You do not have to switch the light on and off every day continuously. The solar angel lights come with an automatic feature that helps them remain efficient.

Once the battery gets charged, the light will activate its LED and illuminate your home.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Solar Angel Lights

You should make a decision based on specific parameters while choosing solar-powered angel lights. If not, such themed lights might focus more on the design while compromising the quality.

Now, you will not want your home to look good without illumination. The fundamental aspects to analyse in a solar-themed angel light are:

  • The brightness of the light
  • The durability of the design
  • Waterproofness of the body (IP rating)
  • Auto turn-on feature with motion sensitivity
  • Power of the battery
  • The time taken to charge it fully
  • Ease of usage and installation

You can choose to weigh the pros and cons of each product based on these parameters. This way, you will have the best angel solar light.

How Does an Angel Light Work on Solar Power?

An angel-themed solar light will work like any other light powered by the sun. Even though the mechanism is similar, the anatomy is smaller than any other light. Usually, the solar angel light has a less powerful solar panel with a good-quality battery.

Solar Angel LightsThe presence of elements like solar cells, batteries, and bulbs ensures that these lights follow the science behind solar electricity.

An angel light powered by solar energy will produce its energy utilising the photovoltaic effect. You will find a photovoltaic panel in the device, also referred to as the solar cell. This panel helps convert the absorbed sunlight into electrical energy.

Such an intricate process involves a plethora of mechanics improved over the years. Most of the solar cells in angel lights have multiple crystalline silicon layers and a chemical.

It creates negatively-charged electrons in the layers while keeping the ones in the spaces positively charged. The reaction happens once the sunlight passes through the solar panel in any angel-themed light.

In the process, the negative electrons will get pushed towards the positive ones in the solar cell. It gets transferred as an electron stream and converted into direct current for electricity generation through the wires. Eventually, this current reaches the battery, where the power gets stored.

Are Solar Angel Lights Worth it? How Long Do They Last?

Getting an angel light will be worth it for your space because of the unique design it harbours. Here are reasons why you should invest in a solar angel light:

  • It is aesthetically pleasing and gives an authentic vibe to your home
  • The utilisation of the photovoltaic effect makes it environmentally friendly
  • You need not spend too much on fuel expenses
  • The solar angel lights are safe as it does not have any fire hazards
  • Night-time illumination gives you access to freedom

These benefits ensure that such lights will be efficient and effective enough to light up your home. Besides, most of them can last over 8 hours with a direct charge of 6 hours from the sun.

With constant usage and essential maintenance, the LED in these solar lights could last 3 to 4 years. Due to their small anatomy, the angel lights might not be powerful enough to last a long time.

The Bottom Line

Now you have a 360-degree idea about angel-themed solar lights. The reviews contain the top 10 of the best solar-powered angel lights in the United Kingdom. With this, you have a clear idea about the type of product you want to invest in.

Ensure to go through their high-quality build and IP ratings to determine the functionality. Before you choose your favourite product, ensure to go through this buying guide.

Furthermore, buying solar lights requires multiple levels of analysis based on product design and other features to offer your home the look it deserves. The style and power of the solar light should be your choice; hence the buying guide will assist you by answering all the questions you have in your mind.

Are you ready to give yourself sustainable living with eco-friendly illumination?