Looking for the best flexible solar panel on the market? You’ve come to the right place! Flexible solar panels are a great option for those who want to generate their own renewable energy without having to install a large, traditional panel array. They are also perfect for use in RVs, boats, and other small spaces.

The UK is rapidly adapting to renewable energy sources. By 2050, the nation is estimated to produce 50% of its total power from solar and wind! Are you also looking to contribute to the same buy using flexible solar panels?

In this article, we will provide you with information on the top flexible solar panels on the market today. We’ll also give you a buying guide to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best flexible solar panels available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Picks of the 10 Best Flexible Solar Panels




ALLPOWERS Flexible Solar Panel 100W

ALLPOWERS Flexible Solar Panel 100W

ALLPOWERS foldable solar panels are ideal for all sorts of indoor and outdoor trips. This product gives high power up to 100W and can be installed on rough surfaces with no hassles. Read more

BougeRV Flexible Solar Panel 100W

BougeRV Flexible Solar Panel 100W

With 100W power production and 23-25% efficiency, these panels are sure to tick all the checkboxes. The surface is covered with an ETFE film that makes the product water and high-temperature resistant. Also, there are no chances of fouling or corrosion. Read more

Winnewsun Bifacial Flexible Solar Panel 100W

Winnewsun Bifacial Flexible Solar Panel 100W

Winnewsun bifacial panels are developed with the latest technology that traps sunlight from both sides. With over 22-25% efficiency, this solar product is a promising alternative for road trips or outdoor parties. Just set up, bend the surface as per the sun's direction, and wait for it to charge. Read more

GIARIDE Flexible Solar Panel 100W

GIARIDE Flexible Solar Panel 100W

Made with monocrystalline solar cells, these panels are ideal for high power production. You can easily connect multiple panels in a parallel connection to get higher energy as per your needs. Read more

Renogy Monocrystalline Flexible Solar Panels 100W

Renogy Monocrystalline Flexible Solar Panels 100W

A highly flexible solar panel that offers up to 248 degrees arc. Extremely lightweight, this product is easy to pack up for any kind of outdoor activity. With ETFE film and IP68 coating, the panel is water-resistant and easy to clean. Read more

Kingsolar Flexible Solar Panel 100W

Kingsolar Flexible Solar Panel 100W

A highly durable flexible solar panel covered with ETFE and EVA sheets for maximum protection against damage. Suitable for a wide range of applications with water-resistant and anti-corrosion properties. Read more

WindyNation Flexible Solar Panel 12V 100W

WindyNation Flexible Solar Panel 12V 100W

Portable solar panel with just 4 pounds of weight. It can be installed on any rough surface to withstand sudden climate changes. One of the least expensive panels from WindyNation, it also has an internal blocking diode. Read more

Richsolar Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel 12V 100W

Richsolar Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel 12V 100W

With black ETFE coating, this solar panel is effective against rain, snow, and wind alike. The product can easily bend up to 30 degrees, thus allowing easy setup on rough curvatures. It also shows anti-corrosion and fouling properties to ensure maximum durability. Read more

SUAOKI Foldable Solar Panel 18V 12V 150W

SUAOKI Foldable Solar Panel 18V 12V 150W

This panel easily bends up to 30 degrees to capture maximum sunlight even in the shaded areas. Coated with IP68, the panel surface and solar connector are resistant to water. Read more

DOKIO Semi-flexible Solar Panel 18V 100W

DOKIO Semi-flexible Solar Panel 18V 100W

With advanced ETFE protection, this solar panel offers features like water resistance. Additionally, the panel has an ultra-thin film that can easily bend to adjust uneven surfaces. Read more

Best Flexible Solar Panels

1. ALLPOWERS Flexible Solar Panel 100W

ALLPOWERS Flexible Solar Panel 100W

This foldable solar panel product is ideal for trips as it weighs only 4.5 pounds and can be very quickly packed up. With a high-efficiency rate of 23.5%, this product helps dissipate more heat. Also, it is covered in a thin plastic sheet, like the ones you see on mobile devices.



Panel setup comes with a dual USB port that supports a current flow of 2.4A through each end. You can connect this device to 5V powered gadgets.

You can also utilise the DC output with 18V power and 5A current flow to charge your laptops, 12V car battery, or other gadgets.

Slim Look

With this solar panel, you don’t have to worry about the sheet being too thick. Along with its compact size, the product is ⅓ lighter than other solar silicons of the same power.

As a result, you also get a power increase by ⅓ of what’s provided by other panels of the same size.

Frameless Design

With no side frames, you can easily fold and store this panel at your convenience. The presence of eyeholes makes it easy for you to attach the panel to a backpack or mount it on your vehicle.

You can easily adjust the panel’s arc up to 30 degrees and install it on uneven surfaces.


Keeping in mind the rough weather usage factor, ALLPOWERS has ensured to keep the panels water-resistant. Even the junction box is carefully sealed to avoid any damage due to water seepage.

Compared to aluminium or glass surfaces, this product lasts longer due to proper lamination.


  • Ideal for RVs, camps, or even regular domestic usage
  • Can be connected to 5V and 12V gadgets
  • Power production of up to 100W
  • High efficiency of 23.5%


  • Very expensive
  • Lack of detailed instructions

2. BougeRV Flexible Solar Panel 100W

BougeRV Flexible Solar Panel 100W

If you are looking for solar panels that can be easily mounted on curved surfaces, you can try exploring the BougeRV products. Here, you get a panel with just 0.1-inch thickness and 5.73 pounds weight. Frameless design allows easy transportation and flexibility in bending the panels.


High Efficiency

BougeRV panels have a high energy efficiency of around 23 to 25%. As a result, you can safely use the panel for longer hours compared to other similar products.

The system is fitted with an internal blocking diode to ensure that the stored power does not drain back to the panel.


These panels are coated with a special ETFE film. It ensures high-temperature resistance and antifoul and corrosion properties. You can also clean them easily.

Such devices can be installed anywhere conventional ones don’t work. With its water-resistant properties, this panel can easily handle changes in climatic conditions.

Easy to Install

Another essential feature that makes these panels highly usable is the easy installation process. Each corner supports three metal-reinforced holes.

You can fix the screws, hang, or remove the panel at your convenience through these holes.

Reduced Cell Breakage

These panels have been thickened from the surface and bottom to ensure maximum durability. As a result, the product does not burn out or cause other difficulties.

Also, the solar cells are connected by a higher number of strands to increase their overall strength.


  • There’s a detailed manual guide to help users set up the structure
  • High power production of 100W
  • High-efficiency range of 23-25%
  • 18-month warranty with additional lifetime service


  • Not fireproof

3. Winnewsun Bifacial Flexible Solar Panel 100W

Winnewsun Bifacial Flexible Solar Panel 100W

If you have been searching for a solar panel that allows maximum optimum efficiency, Winnewsun bifacial panels are ideal for you. This product is known for its reliability and no failure mechanism. Here, you get maximum power of up to 100W with only a minimal loss of 3%.


Bifacial Panel Surface

Usually, most solar products are designed to trap sunlight only through the top surface. However, Winnewsun panels have a transparent back sheet that helps facilitate power generation from both surfaces.

As a result, you get more efficiency at the same time and cost. It is a relatively new technology in solar products.

Stable Power Performance

On average, a solar panel can face power losses as high as 10%. However, this device has consistently given less than 3% loss for over 10 years.

Also, the surface is designed to be sensitive to dim light in cloudy weather. Therefore, these panels perform better than their other competitors.

Good Bendability

These solar panels have a unique structure with bifacial capacity that helps ease the installation process. You can bend it up to 30 degrees to ensure maximum sunlight availability from both ends.

Additionally, the surface is only 1.2 inches thick and weighs nearly 4 pounds. Compared to other panels of 20 pounds, you can easily carry this device with you anywhere.


The junction box and the panels are developed with water-resistant materials to eliminate the damage caused due to sudden weather changes. This product works well regardless of rain, snow, or excessive heat.

The panel surface contains six equally spaced, stainless eyeholes to provide an easy hanging and removing provision. Also, you can utilise velcro and zip ties to initiate the setup process.


  • High-efficiency range of up to 22-25%
  • The bifacial design increases the chances of power production
  • Total 5 years product warranty from manufacturers


  • Needs to be set at specific angles for sunlight penetration on both surfaces
  • It requires a raised mount

4. GIARIDE Flexible Solar Panel 100W

GIARIDE Flexible Solar Panel 100W

The installation process can be a bit of a hassle for solar panels. But with GIARIDE, you get the option to glue the product to the surface with just a grommet, tape, velcro, or even glue. Also, this monocrystalline panel supports multiple pre-drilled holes to aid the hanging process.



If you plan to set the panel on a curved or uneven surface, the 30-degree bendability feature comes in handy.

Also, the entire device weighs under 4 pounds that makes it easy for you to carry on fishing or camping trips.

300-W Panel Formation

Each solar panel produces power near the range of 100W. As a result, such products are way more efficient than the conventional ones used for domestic purposes.

For dealing with higher energy consumption, you can easily connect 3 individual panels in a parallel connection.

Dust Resistance

Apart from the commonly found water resistance feature, this panel also offers snow and dust resistance. As a result, this product can easily stand harsh weather conditions.

Additionally, you don’t require structural roof reinforcements.

Monocrystalline solar cell

You will find that most traditional solar panels only show an efficiency of 15%. But with GIARIDE, you get a chance to work with 21% efficiency.

Made with short circuit and surge protection technology, your device is kept safe.


  • Includes a detailed user manual
  • User warranty of 18 months
  • It can easily fold up to 30 degrees


  • The surface is thicker than other competitor panels
  • Water-resistance could be better

5. Renogy Monocrystalline Flexible Solar Panels 100W

Renogy Monocrystalline Flexible Solar Panels 100W

Looking for a solar panel that fits any structure almost like a rug? Try out Renogy Flexible Solar Panel that redefines the term ‘bendable’ with up to a 248-degree arc. You can easily use it for a wide range of applications, including marine or airstream uses as well.

Additionally, the 0.1-inch thickness and 4-pound weight characteristics help users carry it almost everywhere.


Super Thin Lamination

If laid down on a surface, you will find that it is almost impossible to spot the Renogy flexible solar panels. The overall width is around a tenth of an inch, thus making it ideal for camouflage purposes.

Compared with the counterparts, it is safe to say that the thickness has been reduced drastically by 95%.


When transporting or storing the solar device, you want to avoid a bulky setup. With Renogy, you get flexible panels that weigh around 4 pounds.

Compared to the conventional alternatives, this panel is 70% lighter. As a result, you can easily pack it up with your luggage for trips.


After being tested rigorously, this panel proved to be an ideal option for extreme climatic conditions.

This device can work through high wind up to 2400 Pa and snow up to 5400 Pa. Additionally, the IP68 coating makes it waterproof against rain.


The panel surface is covered with a thin ETFE film that offers more light transmittance than the standard PET substance.

It also works against corrosion and allows high-temperature resistance. If the panel gathers dust or bird droppings, you can clean it easily.


  • 5-year warranty available
  • You can easily install it on uneven surfaces
  • IP68 coating makes the panel waterproof


  • No detailed instruction manual is provided

6. Kingsolar Flexible Solar Panel 100W

Kingsolar Flexible Solar Panel 100W

On a lookout for a flexible solar panel that has set a positive track record? In that case, check out Kingsolar’s panels with high attributes like high durability and ease of use. Additionally, you will find that these panels are effortless to transport with just over 4 pounds of weight.


ETFE Material

Ditching the PET surface, Kingsolar has installed an ETFE sheet instead. This material is sourced from Japan and complies with high-quality standards.

ETFE is a form of a thermoplastic polymer that is highly effective against damage due to corrosion or heat.


The ETFE panel also is protected with four layers of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) sheet. It provides long term protection and helps soften the blow of any shock to the actual solar cells.

As a result, you can use these panels for a longer duration through rough and challenging conditions.

High Efficiency

The flexible panel is made with American sourced top-grade sunpower solar cells. Therefore, the device offers a high-efficiency range of about 23.5%.

Compared to the competitor efficiency range of 14%-20%, this panel effectively produces more energy and charges quickly.

Wide Applications

With a minimum thickness of 0.1 inches, you can easily roll the Kingsolar panels. It helps utilise the device for multiple purposes ranging from wilderness excursions to boating trips.

Additionally, the surface is covered with IP68 proofing so that the panels are safe against rainy or snowy weather.


  • High efficiency of 23.5%
  • Setup is relatively easy to install
  • The solar panel is protected with ETFE and EVA sheets
  • Useful in rough weather conditions


  • No extension cables are attached to the kit
  • The panel is only half flexible

7. WindyNation Flexible Solar Panel 12V 100W

WindyNation Flexible Solar Panel 12V 100W

When you invest in a solar panel, you must consider where you will use it. If you are planning to purchase one for your RV model home or camping ground, WindyNation bendable panels are an ideal pick for you. You can easily set the device up at any surface and charge your devices with renewable energy.



Generally, solar panels can suffer water damage or short circuit issues if kept outside in the rain. But this panel is completely water-resistant.

Even the attached junction box is safe against any kind of rough climatic situation like rain or snow.

Easy Installation

If you have never used a solar panel in life before, it can be hard to grasp all the functionalities. But with WindyNation, you get a detailed guide.

You can attach this panel to the surface with an adhesive. You can also use the six evenly spaced metal grommets to hang the product anywhere.


With 4 pounds of weight, these flexible panels are easy to carry in luggage. As a result, you can utilise these panels for multiple mobile applications.

Even with monocrystalline solar batteries, the kit does not get too bulky to carry around.

Blocking Diode

Usually, there’s a risk of solar batteries overcharging. When there’s more energy stored than the allowed limit, the current starts flowing back into the panels.

It disturbs the working process and can leave you with no power in the battery bank. But with an internal blocking diode, chances of occurrences are eliminated.


  • The battery does not overcharge due to the internal blocking diode
  • Budget-friendly solar panels
  • Extremely lightweight to carry around
  • Made with high-quality products


  • Kit could use a raised mount for better installation

8. Richsolar Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel 12V 100W

Richsolar Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel 12V 100W

If you have been searching for a flexible solar panel within low price ranges, Richsolar is one of the best options to try out. This product can efficiently charge 12 V lead-acid batteries and produce a maximum power of 100W. Here, you get a 1-year product warranty and a 25-year power warranty.


ETFE Coating

Instead of the commonly used PET material, you will find a black ETFE coating here. It helps increase the capacity of light transmittance.

Additionally, the panel shows antifouling and self-cleaning properties. As a result, the product lasts longer and requires minimal human maintenance.


Compared to other solar panels in the market, this product is about 70% lighter. Therefore, the installation process is really smooth.

These panels can be transported just by rolling them into a bundle. Less weight also helps in enhancing the mileage per gallon of any vehicle.


This solar panel is highly bendable for all situations where a normal one won’t work. You can quickly fix the solar panel with connectors or adhesives.

You can even use this product on curved areas like an airstream. Additionally, you can easily hook it to the top of your RV or camper.


After being tested thoroughly, it is safe to claim that the panel is designed to work through extreme weather conditions.

The panel can work against 2400 Pa of wind and 5400 Pa of snow. In a low price range, you get a long-lasting product.


  • Curves up to 30 degrees
  • Lightweight and lowers vehicle mileage per gallon
  • Constant produce of 100W on a sunny day
  • 1-year product warranty
  • Covered with ETFE coating


  • Less power produced on shaded days
  • No detailed manual guide present

9. SUAOKI Foldable Solar Panel 18V 12V 150W

SUAOKI Foldable Solar Panel 18V 12V 150W

Planning to go on a camping trip but worried about power availability? Get the SUAOKI foldable solar panel that connects to mainly all generators. The overall construction is done using cloth, zipper, and PET material. Even with plastic usage, this solar panel shows an array of benefits.



In contrast to the conventional panels, SUAOKI foldable products are made with monocrystalline solar-powered cells. The usage of DF technology offers improved stability.

Additionally, these panels show strong absorption capacities and can be used even on cloudy days with less sunlight. As a result, it gets maximum energy stored during mornings and evenings as well.

Off-Grid System

These foldable panels produce power up to 150 W and offer high efficiency of 20%. But if you are looking for more load to go off-grid, you can use several panels.

You can easily connect these panels in series, parallel, or combination connections. For example, for 900W power production, you can join 6 of these panels at your convenience.

Super Bendable

Even though it is based on a thin film-like structure, you can still bend the panel to a maximum of 30 degrees.

As a result, you can set it up on any unevenly curved surface with no hindrances. You can bend the surface to trap maximum sunlight based on your location.


These flexible panels are fitted with an IP68 coating that protects against water. As a result, you can use these products in case of rain.

The model also offers to block diodes that don’t let the reverse current flow when the panel is not charging.


  • Protects against overcharging
  • High heat dissipation capacity
  • Resistant against water and corrosion
  • Panel curvature bends up to 30 degrees


  • Comparatively costlier than its alternatives
  • Contains plastic components that are not premium quality

10. DOKIO Semi-flexible Solar Panel 18V 100W

DOKIO Semi-flexible Solar Panel 18V 100W

DOKIO is a well-known brand in the solar industry for its high-quality products. Unlike other solar panels, the product is meticulously folded and packed in a cloth. You can easily carry such panels like a bag.



With its ultra-thin panel, this product bends as per your wishes. Whether you are looking to place it on top of a boat or an airstream, you can easily adjust the curvature towards the sun.

The width of the solar panel is only 0.1 inches, which makes it easy to transport from one place to another.

Easy Installation

Each panel has 8 metal grommets placed at an equal distance from each other. With the help of fasteners or connectors, you can hang these panels in the sunlight.

You can also utilise adhesives like glue, tape, or velcro to attach the panel to a solid surface.

EFTE Lamination

The panel surface is covered with an ETFE coating that is more durable than the generally used PET material.

It also offers more light transmittance and helps make the panel waterproof. Apart from that, the solar connector is also immune to water damage.


With nearly 2.5 pounds of weight, you can readily carry the panel with you along on trips and hikes.

You can easily adjust it on your car’s roof or drape it on a clothing wire.


  • 5-year product warranty and 25-year power warranty
  • Easily bendable and can be installed on uneven surfaces
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Has double USB ports


  • Ultra-thin panel material can be easily damaged
  • Power production can fluctuate a bit

Flexible Solar Panel Buying Guide

We have discussed the best flexible solar panels available in the market in detail. But, it is essential that you list down your preferences and sort the list accordingly.

For that, you need to have a conceptual understanding of the solar product in question.

Our buying guide will help you clear all doubts and make the best purchase decision.

What Are Flexible Solar Panels?

Generally, conventional solar panels are flat devices mounted to the roofs or lawns. On the other hand, flexible solar panels are bendable, foldable, and easily transported from one place to another.

Flexible Solar PanelsIn short, such panels are wafer-thin, lightweight, and can easily be rolled up in a bundle. The surface curvature makes the solar cells more sensitive to dim light, thus offering more efficiency during cloudy days as well.

You can use this product on road trips, boating or camping excursions, or even hikes. The power produced is enough to charge your phone, camera, or laptop devices. Additionally, flexible panels start as low as £70.

How Do Flexible Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels operate on the principle of the photovoltaic effect. It means that energy absorbed from the sun is converted into DC (Direct Current) power supply during the daytime. A connected inverter helps convert DC into AC (Alternating Current), compatible with most electrical devices.

Flexible panels are made by slicing down a silicon wafer until it is wide enough to fold easily.

What Are the Different Types of Flexible Solar Panels?

Based on the source material used to make the solar panels, you can classify them into 3 types.

Crystalline Flexible Solar Panels

Readily available in the market, such panels are made from silicon, i.e. the same material used to make the conventional ones. The surface is packed with multiple photovoltaic cells that help allow the arc of up to 30 degrees.

These panels look monochromatic and can be easily identified based on the solar cells’ round corners. In contrast to conventional products, you will find that the top coating is made of plastic instead of glass.

Thin-Film Flexible Solar Panels

Part of the still-growing technology, thin-film panels are in the form of Copper-Indium-Gallium-Selenide (CIGS) modules. Here, the photovoltaic material is printed on thin surfaces like paper, cloth, aluminium sheets etc.

Such panels offer more flexibility but are less durable in the long run. Without silicon’s protection, the product may face breakage issues early on. But due to their super-lightweight feature, you can use them for short term trips or excursions.

Organic Cells/Materials Flexible Solar Panels

Still under research at an MIT course, this technology is focused on using organic materials to construct solar panels.

However, electrodes’ brittleness has hindered the process of enveloping PV cells on an organic sheet. Recently, graphene electrodes were used as a substitute. In the solar energy industry, we can expect high usage of organic products soon.

Benefits of Using Flexible Solar Panels

Apart from being portable, flexible solar panels also offer the below-mentioned benefits.

  • A regular 100W flexible panel is likely to be 70% lighter than the conventional one
  • You can install such panels on roofs of RVs or cabins with no structural damage
  • Can be utilised as eco-friendly power banks
  • Less expensive as there’s no requirement for labour cost
  • Using the provided metal grommets, you can place them wherever needed

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Flexible Solar Panel

If you have already decided about buying a flexible solar panel, here are a few things to cross-check.


Flexible Solar PanelPower is undoubtedly an essential aspect of any solar panel, and it will tell you its energy-producing capacity. More wattage will let you plug in more devices for a longer time. Based on the power, you will find products marked as 60W, 80W, 100W, 200W.

But do keep in mind that higher power also implies that the surface size increases. Additionally, you can connect multiple panels to get one single unit with high power production.


Efficiency will tell you how quickly the panel can convert solar energy into DC output. High efficiency implies that the product can charge up relatively rapidly and shows less energy loss along the way.

Typically, the efficiency for flexible panels is somewhere between 14% to 22%. Some companies might even offer 25%. Any value between this range is a safe option for you.


The unique selling point of a flexible solar panel revolves around its portability and ease of use. That is only possible when the installation process is simplified and completed single-handedly.

To achieve the same, such panels come with pre-drilled metal holes. You can utilise this feature to hang or remove the panel at your convenience. For some products, you can even use tape, glue, velcro etc., to fix them to the surface.


Before moving ahead, understand your purpose of purchase. If you invest in an RV, you will probably want a panel with high-temperature resistance. If you are heading for a hiking trip, you will need dust and snow protection.

To ensure this, you can check whether the panel is covered with an ETFE film or not. The sheet surface will also allow you to self clean the device easily.

Final Words

With increased awareness regarding an eco-friendly lifestyle, solar energy products are highly demanded. But as new technological innovations keep on coming, we get to see a better version of solar-powered devices.

One such example is flexible solar panels. Unlike the conventional versions, these panels easily bend and roll as required. Therefore, you can use these products for your RVs or trips.

Flexible panels provide you with a lightweight, portable solution that you can readily utilise to charge phones, cameras, or other devices. If you are also planning to purchase these panels, watch out for usage and efficiency. Based on your price range, you can find highly durable products that are sure to give you a high ROI.