You might be using a Ring Doorbell for quite some time and are happy with it. But what to do when the battery runs out? The first step is to power it up using wires and external chargers. You may even think of getting a new ring doorbell if you face charging issues.

Don’t worry as there is a fantastic solution – Ring Doorbell solar chargers! These devices utilise the power of the sun and charge your ring doorbell effectively. Plus, they are easy to install and help your doorbells last longer.

Wondering which are the best products out there? To make the search process simpler, we have listed the best ring doorbell reviews here.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best Ring Doorbell solar chargers available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Picks of the 5 Best Ring Doorbell Solar Chargers




Uncle Squirrel Solar Panel compatible with Video Doorbell

Uncle Squirrel Solar Panel compatible with Video Doorbell

Having a polycrystalline solar panel and adjustable wall mount, this charger is ideal for those who want a hassle-free product. With no wires and cables, it can conveniently make your ring doorbell run throughout the day. Read more

Solar Charger for Ring Video Doorbell (2nd generation)

Solar Charger for Ring Video Doorbell (2nd generation)

Having built-in solar panels and a waterproof design, this solar charger is crafted for second-generation ring doorbells. You can also set it up without additional assistance, so it’s a great value for money. Read more

Uncle Squirrel Doorbell charger (compatible with 2/3/3 Plus/4)

Uncle Squirrel Doorbell charger (compatible with 2/3/3 Plus/4)

As this device is compatible with multiple ring doorbell models, it's a very convenient option. With a durable design and energy-efficient solar panel, you can adjust this to let it absorb maximum sunlight. Read more

Solar Charger for Ring Video Doorbell 3 & 3 Plus

Solar Charger for Ring Video Doorbell 3 & 3 Plus

This device offers excellent charging and is also waterproof, which helps it last longer. Compatible with ring video doorbell 3 and 3 plus products, you can install it conveniently. Read more

Ring Solar Panel for Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation)

Ring Solar Panel for Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation)

The device provides you with an eco-friendly method to charge your ring doorbell second-generation model. Offering high-quality performance, the device comes from the makers of Ring doorbell. Read more

Best Ring Doorbell Solar Chargers

1. Uncle Squirrel Solar Panel compatible with Video Doorbell

Uncle Squirrel Solar Panel compatible with Video Doorbell

We begin our list with this solar panel that will charge your ring doorbell conveniently. It comes from a very reputable brand and is well-loved by customers for its performance.

It is durable, doesn’t have the hassles of excess wiring and comes with a weatherproof design.


Convenient Performance

This is an excellent product compatible with all Ring Video doorbell 1 and the latest generation models. It can also efficiently charge any ring video doorbell models that are released after 2020.

No unnecessary wires or Power adaptors are required here. So, it’s a convenient option for any household.

Hassle-free Installation

You won’t need any messy wires or cables to install this device. Just mount the panel on a wall outside your apartment, and connect it with the doorbell via the USB connector. The charging cable wall mounting pole and screws are available with the package.

Make sure to expose the solar panel to direct sunlight for maximum efficiency.

Weatherproof Construction

Are you looking for a durable ring bell charger? Then this is the product for you as it’s weather resistant. The solar panel is completely waterproof it can easily work under conditions -5°F to 120°F.

All the other parts of the charger are also very sturdy, which enhances the longevity of the device.

Conversion Efficient

This solar panel is made of polycrystalline silicon, which makes it highly conversion efficient. With just a few hours of exposure to sunlight, it can efficiently charge for the ring doorbell. After completely charging the bell, it will run all day without any issues.

So, the panel relieves you from problems of constant charging and also saves electricity.


  • Simple installation with adjustable wall mount and no wires
  • Polycrystalline solar panel for excellent conversion efficiency
  • Convenient USB connector to join it with the doorbell
  • Durable and waterproof design


  • It does not work with ring doorbells 2, 3 and 3 plus

2. Solar Charger for Ring Video Doorbell (2nd generation)

Solar Charger for Ring Video Doorbell (2nd generation)

The next product on our list is a solar charger that is specifically manufactured for your Ring doorbell (second generation models). This is a high-quality device that is easy to install and offers long-lasting performance.

Coming from the official brand Ring, it will efficiently charge your device.


Efficient Solar Charging

This device helps in charging your ring doorbell with the help of solar energy. When you expose it to direct sunlight, it will effectively charge the battery of your doorbell.

So, you don’t have to manually charge your ring doorbell anymore, as the device extends its battery life. It also helps you save electricity and enjoy eco-friendly charging.

Weather-resistant Construction

As a ringtone bill charger is in something new by every year, it needs to be durable. That’s why the manufacturers have created this device having weatherproof properties.

So, the device can survive heavy rain and strong winds due to its waterproof design. This feature also increases the longevity of the charger.

Easy to Setup

This charger is also very easy to install and use. Using its secure mounting bracket, you can set up this device near your doorbell. It comes with built-in solar panels, which are efficient enough to absorb solar energy.

It comes with a user manual and mounting screws that will make the installation more convenient.

Customer Support

The brand offers efficient customer support if you have queries with the device. If you are facing problems regarding the installation or performance, you can contact the customer service department via email or helpline number.


  • The built-in solar panels charge the doorbell efficiently
  • Waterproof design for long-lasting performance
  • Mounting bracket for quick installation
  • The brand offers customer service via email and phone


  • It is not compatible with models beyond the second-generation Ring doorbell

3. Uncle Squirrel Doorbell charger (compatible with 2/3/3 Plus/4)

Uncle Squirrel Doorbell charger (compatible with 2 3 3 Plus 4)

This is yet another doorbell charger from Uncle Squirrel that is designed to work with multiple devices. Having robust construction and efficient charging facilities it’s a great way to prevent the hassles of manually charging your doorbell.

It is easy to install, and you can use it with a mobile app that increases its convenience.


Multiple Applications

This excellent solar charger is compatible with multiple ring doorbell models, including Ring doorbell 1, Ring 2, Ring 4, Ring 3 and 3 plus. Therefore, it will be suitable for multiple households using doorbells.

Having a wattage of 3.5W, this device offers study charging for your doorbell to work all day properly. The charging speed is pretty fast too.

Durable Design

This ring doorbell charger is built to last due to its robust construction. It’s because the solar panel is manufactured using polycrystalline silicon that enables it to withstand harsh climatic conditions like heavy rain.

Its waterproof design allows it to work efficiently within -20°C to 48°C, keeping your ring doorbell charged. Plus, it can also tackle extreme heat during the summers.

Adjustable and Convenient to Install

This product is famous for being very easy to install for all types of users. So, if you’re a beginner and haven’t used a solar doorbell charger before, you will love this product.

Just install it using the secure mounting bracket and adjust it according to the sunlight direction for maximum absorption. Connect the device to your doorbell using the wire connector to let it work its magic!


  • Waterproof solar panel and durable design
  • 4.9M power cable makes the installation process very convenient
  • Polycrystalline solar Panel for excellent absorption and energy conversion
  • Flexible adjustment up to 180 degrees


  • Works properly when the doorbell battery level is below 50%

4. Solar Charger for Ring Video Doorbell 3 & 3 Plus

Solar Charger for Ring Video Doorbell 3 & 3 Plus

For all those of you using the ring video doorbell 3 and 3 plus models, it’s time to rejoice! This excellent device from Ring charges your doorbells efficiently, harnessing the power of the sun.

It has a compact design and rigid structure. Also, the installation is hassle-free, and you won’t need anybody else’s help to set it up.


Waterproof Design

The manufacturers have designed this device with high-quality materials to handle adverse climatic conditions like heavy rain. That’s why the structure is entirely waterproof and weather-resistant.

It also prevents electrical complications while charging your ring doorbell. This helps in providing a steady charge to your doorbell.

Steady Charging

This device has a built-in solar panel that effectively charges your ring doorbell. Utilising solar energy can improve your doorbell’s battery life.

With this device by your side, you won’t have to charge the doorbell for at least a few months. You have to position it appropriately so that it absorbs sufficient sunlight.

Quick Setup

This device comes with a secure bracket that lets you install it quickly. You can easily fit this device on your doorbell 3 as it’s perfectly compatible. If you position the device towards the south, it will provide excellent charging to your doorbell.

You can always contact the brand for any queries regarding your product.


  • Provides excellent charging and is compatible with Video Doorbell 3 and Ring and 3 Plus
  • Convenient installation using secure bracket
  • Charges your ring doorbell for at least a few weeks
  • Waterproof and sturdy design


  • Without direct sunlight, it might not work well

5. Ring Solar Panel for Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation)

Ring Solar Panel for Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation)

If you are using a ring video doorbell second-generation model, this product is for you. Developed by the original brand Ring, this device comes with the necessary accessories to set it up.

For those having a higher budget and who want to use Ring’s product, this will be suitable.


Steady Performance

This solar panel is compatible with ring video doorbells of the second generation and offers excellent charging support. Using solar energy, the device can charge your video doorbell properly for a couple of weeks.

The more sunlight it absorbs, the better will be its charging performance.

Convenient Installation Accessories

Installation for this device is very convenient and easy. It’s because the solar panel comes with the required accessories – cable and tool kit to make the process simpler.

You can set it up within minutes without additional assistance with these tools.

Eco-friendly Charging

Perhaps the most significant advantage of this device is the environment-friendly charging facility. As it utilizes solar energy to power your Ring doorbell, it helps you save electricity and keep your surroundings safe.


  • Continuous charging and excellent performance
  • Hassle-free setup with installation accessories
  • Can effectively work within an Operating temperature of -20.5°C to 48.5°C


  • The price is on the higher side

Ring Doorbell Solar Charger Buying Guide

You probably have figured out the best solar charger for your ring doorbell. But before making the final call, you need to understand all the features and details of these devices.

This section will discuss the various specifications and necessary information about Ring doorbell solar chargers.

What Are Solar Chargers For Ring Doorbells?

Ring doorbell solar chargers are devices powered by solar energy that helps in keeping your doorbell running. They are usually connected to your Ring doorbell, and a part of the device is exposed to sunlight.

Ring Video Doorbell Solar ChargerAs these devices have built-in solar panels, they absorb the sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. Using this energy, the device recharges your ring doorbell. So, you don’t have to use electricity to charge your doorbell anymore manually.

These solar chargers are very convenient to install and use, with no additional assistance required. In addition, they are waterproof and can handle difficult climatic conditions like heavy showers.

Do These Solar Chargers Work Properly When It’s Cloudy?

If the weather is cloudy and there isn’t enough sunlight, the charger might not work efficiently. As the device requires a sufficient amount of sunlight to power your doorbell, you need to ensure that it’s exposed to direct sunlight.

Also, try to prevent any obstructions that might create a shade over this solar charger that might hamper its performance.

Advantages Of Using Solar Charger For Ring Doorbell

A solar charger for the ring doorbell will be a valuable addition to your household to keep your doorbell charged for weeks. Here are some excellent advantages you will enjoy after purchasing this device –

  • It’s very e easy to install, and you can do it using a mounting bracket and screws.
  • These devices have a compact design and a lightweight that doesn’t put excess pressure on your exterior walls.
  • It offers eco-friendly charging and doesn’t emit any smoke or heat.
  • The portable design enables you to carry it with you if you are travelling.

If you use products manufactured by Ring, you can also use the charger using the Ring application.

What Is The Proper Method To Mount A Ring Solar Charger?

You can install the ring solar charger by fixing it into wood using a screwdriver and screws. In case you are fixing it onto a concrete wall, you have to use the anchors and screws to mount the charger.

  • You then have to connect the USB cable to the doorbell using the connecting port at the back.
  • Attach the solar charger to the doorbell.
  • Tighten the screws at the bottom to secure it and complete the installation.

Why Isn’t The Doorbell Charging Even After Being Connected To The Solar Charger?

Sometimes, this can be a problem while setting up your solar charger for the first time. But you don’t have to worry as it’s not actually a problem.

If you are using a solar panel from Ring to extend the battery’s life inside the doorbell, the charger begins working when the percentage goes below 90%. The ring application may display that the device is “Not Connected”. However, it will start charging your doorbell after some time.

How To Check If The Solar Charger Is Working Properly?

Ring DoorbellTo understand if the solar charger is properly connected and working, you first need to check the ring application.

  • If there is no message like “Not Connected”, it’s working properly.
  • You can also check whether the charger is receiving sufficient sunlight. Then, see if all the connections between the charger and the doorbell are fine and there aren’t any loose connections.
  • After you have completed both the steps successfully, you’ll know if the device is running correctly or not.

If you still see the “Not Connected message on your Ring app, wait for 20 minutes. Recheck the application to see if the message persists. Sometimes if the solar charger experiences a shade, it might stop working temporarily, which displays the message.

After Installing The Ring Doorbell In The Solar Charger, Is App Activation Required?

No, activating the Ring app isn’t required here. The charger starts working when you connect it to the ring doorbell. However, it will provide consistent charging and power only after it receives direct sunlight.

During this process, you might see a blue light going on and off. It means that the doorbell is still installing the firmware and updating itself to work with the solar charger.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Ring Doorbell Solar Chargers

By now, you might have received a bit more clarity on Ring doorbell solar chargers. But you still have to understand its various technicalities, which will help you compare multiple products.

Let’s look at the factors you need to consider before picking the perfect solar charger for your ring doorbell.


The performance of these ring doorbell solar chargers mostly depends on the built-in solar panel. So, when the solar panel receives sufficient sunlight, it can power your ring doorbell at a good speed.

  • For instance, if the solar panel of this device receives 6 hours or more of direct sunlight, it might be able to charge your doorbell for a week.
  • In such ideal weather, the doorbell will be able to hold its charge as the panel is exposed to consistent sunlight.
  • You might observe fluctuations in the battery level of the doorbell, but the performance will remain stable.

In the end, it all depends upon how well you position your solar charger to enable it to absorption sunlight. So, make sure no trees or nearby buildings create a shade over your charger that hinders its performance.

Installation Process

Be it an experienced or beginner doorbell charger user, you’re probably a fan of convenient installation. So, before selecting a device, you need to check whether it comes with a wireless setup process.

As this solar charger will be installed near the roof of your house, it must come with a mounting bracket, screws, and a long power cable. These accessories will allow you to position the charger towards direct sunlight, so its built-in solar panel can work properly.

Along with all this, you also need to check if the mounting bracket is flexible and adjustable. It will allow you to modify the position of the charger to capture sunlight in various seasons. In addition, see if the product comes with a handy user manual.


Ring Video DoorbellFor any device to last long, it has to be extremely durable. Similarly, these ring doorbell solar chargers also need to have a sturdy structure to efficiently keep charging your doorbells.

So, you have to check if the solar charger is weather-resistant and waterproof. Its design must be heavy-duty to survive harsh climatic conditions such as strong winds, snow, and heavy rainfall.

Some of these solar chargers have a rating of IPX6 for their solar panels, which enables the device to work during rain. You also have to check the operating conditions like -20°C to 48°C, for enjoying the best service.


This is an essential factor to consider as it can make or break your doorbell charging. Just because a solar charger has impressive features, it might not be effective for your doorbell. It’s because the device has to be completely compatible with your doorbell to charge it properly.

  • Some chargers are only compatible with the Ring video doorbell 2020 model, while others can work with second-generation models.
  • It will be a good move to select a product that works ring doorbells 2, 3, 4, and 3 plus.

That’s why you have to check the specifications and talk to the retailer before buying a doorbell solar charger.

Tips To Maintain The Ring Doorbell Solar Charger

Here are some tips that will help you maintain the solar charger and improve its durability –

  • Make sure that the device isn’t covered with shade or any obstruction
  • Try not to overcharge your ring doorbell using the device
  • Be careful while installing it so that it doesn’t get cracked
  • Ensure that external factors birds or other animals don’t damage the device

Besides, you can contact the company’s customer support to know more about the maintenance strategies.

Summing Up

Choosing the right solar charger for your ring doorbell will enable you to improve the performance of the doorbell. As solar chargers are high-quality devices that charge your doorbell effectively, they will stay with you for a long time.

Some chargers provide enough charging to make a doorbell work for almost a month without any problems. To enjoy such efficient performance, you need to select the device compatible with your ring doorbell.

So, you need to read through the reviews to figure out the appropriate product for your Ring doorbell. If you ever have questions, you can always keep this buying guide handy!