Planning for holiday decorations is delightful. Everyone wants to brighten up their living space with mesmerising lights, decorative craftwork, and some beautiful antiques.

These days, the outdoor LED light market finds an apt alternative with solar products. You don’t need to use extension cords, pay utility bills, and make auxiliary power connections for solar lights.

In fact, statistics depict the popularity of outdoor solar LED products.

The global market size of these products is expected to rise at a CAGR of 24.6% up to 2028! So, if you are still unaware of beautiful solar outdoor lights, it’s time to leverage the flourishing market.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar ball lights available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Picks of the 7 Best Solar Ball Lights




WOWLUX Solar Globe String Lights

WOWLUX Solar Globe String Lights

This product is a simple string of 50 LED lights that are equipped with a rechargeable battery. It is loaded with features like a timer, dual charging modes, and USB connectivity. Read more

USEBER Solar Outdoor Garden Globe Lights

USEBER Solar Outdoor Garden Globe Lights

If you want a vibrant decorative solar outdoor light set, this item is worth exploring. It can resist rainwater and comes equipped with colourful crystal balls. In terms of pricing, this product is comparatively affordable. Read more

UNIHOH Globe String Lights

UNIHOH Globe String Lights

This product has all the necessary features of an excellent solar globe light. Notably, the long wire length is the highlight of this product. Additionally, if you prefer simplicity and high utility, this item is worth exploring. Read more

RJEDL Solar Crystal Ball Lights

RJEDL Solar Crystal Ball Lights

If you are looking for a well-rounded decorative globe light set, this product can prove appropriate. It has all the modern solar light features and comes with a comparatively affordable price tag. Read more

MOXLED Solar Garden Ball Lights

MOXLED Solar Garden Ball Lights

This solar garden crystal light set has a bright appearance. If you prefer or desire a cool white LED output, you can explore this item. Moreover, the product has all the vital characteristics expected from a solar globe light string in terms of features. Read more

OxyLED Crackle Solar Globe Lights

OxyLED Crackle Solar Globe Lights

This product is suitable for ground installation. Unlike other globe lights, you can attach each ball individually. Hence, this item has a different utility, making to unique in the solar globe light market. Read more

AUGONE Outdoor Solar Globe Lights

AUGONE Outdoor Solar Globe Lights

With a traditional look, this product provides high flexibility for decoration purposes. In addition, it has useful features coupled with low cost which makes it a good option for most customers. Read more

Best Solar Ball Lights

1. WOWLUX Solar Globe String Lights

WOWLUX Solar Globe String Lights

Elegant, simple, and feature-proof. These words are sufficient to describe crystal globe solar string lights from WOWLUX. This solar light string consists of 50 LEDs that can light up your garden or Christmas tree.

So, let’s take a look at the features that make these lights a great decorative item.


Remote Control Functionality

These solar globe lights have eight wonderful lighting modes. You can use a handy remote to change the mode as per necessity.

The compatibility with a remote control minimises the hassle of turning the lights ON. In addition, you can set a timer for the solar LEDs using a dedicated button on the remote.

IP Rating

These solar lights are rated IP65. This ingress protection rating implies resistance to water and dust contaminants. Still, you should not submerge the lights underwater.

Additionally, manufacturers follow high-quality manufacturing protocols to offer an IP-rated product.

Dual Charging Modes

This solar globe LED set can prove as a perfect indoor decoration item. The string has a useful USB plug-in feature with a solar panel. As such, this light string will never cease to function under inadequate sunlight. Such a multiple charging feature adds to the convenience and usability of the product.

Rechargeable Battery

With an 800 mAh Ni-MH battery, these lights have the capacity to hold a charge for longer durations. All you need to do is position the solar panel in a perfect spot.

Furthermore, buying solar globe LED lights with an inbuilt rechargeable battery is always a beneficial decision.


  • The working time is adequately long
  • It has ten adjustable lighting levels
  • The solar panel also supports manual control
  • Its string length is sufficient for most consumers


  • The LED colour is only available in one option (warm white)

2. USEBER Solar Outdoor Garden Globe Lights

USEBER Solar Outdoor Garden Globe Lights

These solar string LEDs are perfect if you want to fill enthralling colours in your patio space. The crystal balls are available in distinct shades and can create a party or festive atmosphere in your front or backyard.

But does this mean that USEBER globe lights have the ideal features? Let’s find out.


Inbuilt Memory Chip

This solar globe LED set comes equipped with eight working modes. You can toggle between the modes using a manual and easily accessible button.

Notably, the memory chip stores information about the latest mode data of the LED which means you do not need to reset the settings every day.

Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Products with a monocrystalline panel have higher energy conversion efficiency compared to their polycrystalline counterparts.

In simple words, these decorative lights will last for a longer duration after receiving solar energy throughout the day. Thus, at an affordable price, you receive a phenomenal panel.

Ease in Operation

Although not a direct feature, simplicity is a much-desired attribute for many customers. You only need to use two switches to operate the LEDs in this product. As such, the lack of additional operating options can prove convenient for non-technical users.

Not to forget, the switches are ergonomic and straightforward to operate.

Multi-colour Crystal Globes

The highlight of this product is the attractive colours of the crystal globes. You can install these solar globe lights at various locations.

Notably, the colours are balanced, making this product stylish and pleasing in terms of aesthetics. Also, your outdoor space will stand out under the presence of these globe lights.


  • The solar globe lights have an IP 65
  • It is more affordable than other models
  • The cord length is sufficient for usability
  • It is lightweight


  • These solar globe lights do not have the remote functionality
  • The bulb diameter can seem small for some users

3. UNIHOH Globe String Lights

UNIHOH Globe String Lights

This product can seem highly suitable if you want to cover a large area like trees or a garden setup.

It has all the vital features of a solar globe light along with a high quantity of LEDs (100). Moreover, these lights offer a soothing warm feeling that can suit almost all occasions.

If you are still not convinced, here are the commendable features of this product.


Easily Adjustable Solar Panel Attachment

This product comes with an adjustable ground stake that has a sharp end for firm installation. Additionally, the solar panel can rotate at 150° for better exposure to sunlight.

Not to forget, you can easily attach and detach the components together. Hence, maneuverability is simple with this feature.

Multiple Lighting Modes

Like most high-end solar globe lights, this product has eight lighting modes. These modes range from flashing to twinkle appearance. So, you can toggle between these modes to suit the occasion.

Long Wire Length

This product comes equipped with a 59 feet wire containing solar crystal globes. This long length of the wire is beneficial for large household setups.

So, if you have the space, this feature will prove handy. On the other hand, a long wire can also offer more options for decorative purposes.


These solar globe lights have an automatic timer. The LEDs charge during the day by virtue of solar energy and the dusk sensor activates under low light conditions. This feature saves time and effort to turn ON the light manually.


  • This solar globe light model has an IP 65 rating
  • The product is available in different colour options
  • It has a high solar conversion efficiency
  • The unit comes with a rechargeable battery


  • The unit does not have a remote control

4. RJEDL Solar Crystal Ball Lights

RJEDL Solar Crystal Ball Lights

Customers who desire power and efficiency will find this product highly appropriate. The RJEDL solar globe ball lights have some distinct features that make it a high value-for-money item. Notably, the affordable cost is one of the advantageous prospects of this crystal ball solar-operated décor light string.


Fast-charging Solar Panel

The design and charging capacity of the solar panel is unique. The panel has a rating of 1200 mAh. Also, the dimensions are bigger in comparison to other products in the market. So, these factors lead to the accumulation of more solar energy.

In addition, the high mAh rating increases its potential to work for 10 hours or more.

Water-resistant Features

This unique solar crystal ball light set has dual IP ratings. The panel has a rating of IP 65, whereas the string lights have a rating of IP 67.

Hence, you can use these lights during the rainy season without any massive concern. Amidst the reliability of IP rating, it is still necessary to avoid submerging them underwater.

Remote Control

The brand has done a commendable job to include a remote control at a competitive price. You can control the eight lighting modes, timer functions, and brightness through the remote.

In terms of appearance, the remote is sleek and compact. Hence, you get style and convenience at your fingertips.

Long Ground Spike

The solar panel remains firm on a ground stake that has an approximately 5.5 inches spike, which is adequate to receive the sun’s energy.

In addition, the rotatable attachments promote a high level of flexibility. These features prove conducive for high service life and reliability.


  • This product has competitive pricing
  • It contains remote control functionality
  • The solar globe light has a soothing warm aura
  • It lights come with 10 brightness adjustment levels


  • The colour availability is limited to one (warm white)

5. MOXLED Solar Garden Ball Lights

MOXLED Solar Garden Ball Lights

Next on the list is a feature-proof solar ball light set from MOXLED. These lights have all the useful characteristics of a solar outdoor globe string light. But the ball colour makes them a tad unique from the other models.
To know more here is in-depth info on its main features:


Cool White Light Beads

These lights are adorable if you want something different from the popular warm white option. The crystal balls emit a cool white light that looks like bright transparent snowballs.

This feature is a welcome change for adding variety to your decorative setup. In addition, the light beads look attractive after illumination.

Rechargeable Battery

These crystal ball lights have an 800 mAh battery that stores energy. This feature is a perfect backup, especially under low sunlight or overseas weather.

Notably, you can expect a working time of over eight hours under adequate solar charging. So, always keep the panel under ample sunlight.

IP Rating

Buying an IP-rated solar outdoor light is essential to prevent early replacements. This product has an IP 65 rating. This means that you do not need to fret about water damage.

Interestingly, the excellent build quality also ensures protection from dust, dirt, snow, and other contaminants.

Smart Features

These lights are equipped with an automatic ON-OFF timer and multiple lighting modes. Hence, they can operate on their own depending on the surrounding light intensity.

The lighting modes add a much-needed vibrancy to the functioning of solar globe ball lights. So, install them on your balcony, patio space, or terrace at your convenience.


  • The LEDs globe are pleasantly bright
  • They are easy to install
  • The cable length is sufficiently long
  • They are very easy to operate


  • The weight of these lights is high compared to other models

6. OxyLED Crackle Solar Globe Lights

OxyLED Crackle Solar Globe Lights

If you want some variety, this product is highly suitable. Compared to other models that have globes suspended from a wire string, this item consists of individual globes. You can attach these globes to a support pole and install them on the ground.


Crystal Glass Design

The highlight of this product is its design. The globes have a crackled glass appearance, which enhances the output of the LEDs.

Also, the pole or ground stake is made of stainless steel and looks slim in design. Thus, this combination has the potential to glamorise your garden space.

Rechargeable Battery

The solar panel comes with a 600 mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery. Hence, you can expect the charge to support at least an eight-hour working duration.

Also, remember to position the panel for maximum sun exposure. This way, the battery can perform better.

Multiple Colours

The multi-colour change option adds to the exciting appearance of these garden globe lights. You can feel a positive change in your mood due to the colourful light.

Being ground-installed globes, these lights can be perfect for driveways. In addition, you can also install them adjacent to your property gate.

IP Rating

Similar to other models, these lights have an IP 65 rating. So, purchasing such products is always a wise decision. Importantly, you do not need to worry about rain, hail, snow, or extreme heat.

Moreover, these lights have a high probability of offering long service hours. Not to forget, you do not need to approach a repair centre due to weather damage.


  • The LED lifespan is potentially high
  • They have comparatively large globe diameters
  • The stake height is decent
  • Due to stainless steel stakes, the corrosion resistance is high


  • They are limited to outdoor use

7. AUGONE Outdoor Solar Globe Lights

AUGONE Outdoor Solar Globe Lights

This item is suitable for your traditional preferences. The LED ball lights resemble conventional light bulbs, which can be perfect for Christmas decorations. This product matches all expectations of a new-age solar outdoor light string in terms of features.


High-capacity Battery

This solar globe light string has a massive 1200 mAh battery. Hence, in comparison to other products, you will definitely get more output in less charge.

Notably, the cost of these lights is low. So, getting a high-capacity battery at such a competitive price tag is a beneficial prospect.

Intelligent Light Sensing

These lights are equipped with a light sensor that activates the LEDs after sunset. Hence, they will turn ON only when required.

Such a feature proves convenient and improves the overall efficiency of the product. So, you can install them and enjoy them without any intervention.

Copper Wire

The small beads are attached to a copper wire that can bend easily which allows you to experiment with your decorations.

Thus, your festive season becomes even more fun due to the phenomenal ergonomics of these lights.

Dark Wire

Explicitly designed for nature-oriented decorations, the dark green wire serves the purpose splendidly. You can install these solar lights on trees, thereby camouflaging their appearance.

Overall, this feature improves the aesthetics of your indoor or outdoor decoration. So, you get an excellent value for money with this item.


  • It has an IP 65 rating
  • The installation is simple
  • These lights are affordable
  • They offer a unique traditional bulb-like look


  • The light string does not support remote operation

Solar Ball Light Buying Guide

The products on the list have well-rounded features that can suit a wide variety of customers. So, you can simply choose the ones that meet your requirements.

Having said that, you should also be aware of some fundamentals regarding these string lights. This section clears all the basic doubts and contains an expedient guide to choosing an apt product.

What Are Solar Ball Lights?

Solar ball lights, also known as globe lights, are decorative outdoor items. These lights consist of LEDs, wires, solar panels, ground stakes, and other auxiliary components.

Solar Ball LightsThe primary purpose of solar balls is to enhance the beauty of your indoor or outdoor space with convenience. You do not need electric connections to power these solar balls.

Significantly, solar balls can emit cool, warm, and colourful light. Hence, you have many options, models, and brands to consider.

How Do Solar Ball Lights Work?

A string of solar ball lights has a panel that converts the sun’s energy into electricity. This panel is made from either polycrystalline or monocrystalline cells and is attached to a ground stake in most cases for convenient installation.

The solar panel absorbs the sun’s energy and charges a rechargeable battery. This battery stores power and uses it to activate the LEDs.

Next, the light from LEDs passes through the crystal or glass balls. Depending on these balls’ design, surface, and texture, you can witness different light effects.

What Are the Advantages of Solar Ball Lights?

Eco-friendly nature is always the well-known benefit of solar products. Still, there are some other practical advantages of a solar globe or ball lights:

  • These lights are generally water-resistant
  • You do not need to install an electric connection
  • The energy production is virtually free of cost as they operate on solar energy
  • Solar globes do not emit harmful chemicals or radiant heat
  • They are very easy to install
  • The service life of solar ball lights is longer

Overall, once you decide on an appropriate solar panel position, there is nothing much to do. The lights will start functioning efficiently.

However, it is essential to realise that their working depends heavily on ample sunlight exposure.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Solar Ball Lights

Here are the essential points you should pay attention to before buying solar globes or ball lights:

Water-resistant Feature

The products listed have an IP 65 rating or higher. This is because an IP-rated solar ball light string should be your first preference while researching these items.

You should look out for at least an IP 65-rated solar ball light model. This protection rating implies that the unit withstands rainwater without deteriorating.

Since most consumers install these lights outdoors, an IP-rated product proves more than handy.

Solar Panel Size

Choose a model that has a compact solar panel. Also, aim to select a solar panel with an adequately long connection cable.

Ideally, a solar panel should be large enough to gather sufficient sunlight.

You can consider the dimensions of the listed products for better assessment. Also, aim for a mid-size monocrystalline solar panel, which provides at least an eight-hour working support.

Wire Flexibility

If you want to install solar ball lights on trees or balconies, aim for a flexible copper wire. Such a wire supports different configurations and lasts longer.

Solar Globe Ball LightsYou can thus experiment with different designs without fretting over wire breakage. This point is applicable for solar ball string lights.

If you choose individual solar crystal globe lights, the wire flexibility becomes a redundant factor. Yet, you should aim for a strong ground stake in such models.

Lighting Modes

Most top companies offer around eight different lighting modes. These modes enhance the beauty of your decorations without having to pay a considerable amount of money for them.

Moreover, Christmas decorations look remarkably pleasing with multiple lighting modes. Hence, if possible, choose a product that supports this factor.

After all, decorative lights should look fancy and charming at the same time.

Wire or Cable Length

Aim for a solar ball light string with sufficient length to cover your desired area for decoration. This way, you can comfortably install the globes around a patio seating space.

Remember, a shorter wire will limit your scope of decorations, thereby making the product less practical. So, to decide on the length factor, assess the maximum estimated area you intend to cover.

Consequently, read the specifications of the solar globe ball light string.

Rechargeable Battery

One of the most important factors to consider before buying solar ball lights is the presence of a battery. Most top-rated products will consist of a Ni-MH battery.

This battery stores energy to power the LEDs. So, the ball lights operate even in the absence of sunlight. Hence, you can even enjoy an illuminated seating space for a long duration.

So, always check whether a product has a rechargeable battery attached to the solar panel. This way, you won’t require additional energy storage equipment, reducing any modifications.

Wrapping Up

Decorating your premises has become convenient and cost-effective with innovative solar lighting products. Brands manufacture a wide array of beautiful solar items, from balls to fairy-shaped lights.

The solar ball lights in this article have all the crucial features that you can expect from such products. Hence, you can choose your favourite model as per your preference.

Be sure to follow the parameters before purchasing globe lights. After all, buying solar products demands decent knowledge of the fundamentals.