Recharging your battery can be a cumbersome task, especially on a sea trip. Well, Solar equipment is already gaining popularity, and how could the boats be behind?

Solar panels will surely help you save a lot of money by generating the electricity in the boat you are traveling in! Moreover, it will provide extremely quiet operation, and you can even charge the batteries if you are not on the boat.

Isn’t this so much better than the regular generator? In our eyes for sure! Many companies are bringing top features to these marine solar panels, and we have them all listed together.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar panels for boats available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Picks of the 7 Best Solar Panels for Boats






If you want a 200-watt off-grid solar kit in two pieces and with a 20A controller for your lovely boat, then XINPUGUANG is the option for you all! You also get a 12 V battery power charging option. Read more

EF Ecoflow Solar Panel

EF Ecoflow Solar Panel

The EF ECO FLOW solar panel has a storage pouch, top-notch efficiency, and a pretty waterproof exterior. You can surely trust EF ECO FLOW for your fishing trips. Read more

Ranber Solar Panel

Ranber Solar Panel

A solar-powered panel with 30 W and 12 V specifications, Ranber's newest model works best for your car, boat, home, and even camping trips. Read more

Topsolar Solar Panel

Topsolar Solar Panel

The Topsolar Solar Panel is a dream buy! It is flexible, durable, has a high conversion efficacy, and gives an excellent light transmittance and service life than its subordinates! Read more

Renogy Solar Panel

Renogy Solar Panel

If you want a trusted brand all around the country, then Renogy is your match. Apart from the brand name, you get an array of features like high durability, top-notch build quality, and the fact that you can easily and quickly set it up. Read more

DOKIO Solar Panel

DOKIO Solar Panel

This product is best suited for your boat rides, and even in adverse weather conditions, it will work at its best. The ETFE material and the high-power monocrystalline cells are the greatest features of both worlds. Read more

ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel

ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel

Users love this solar panel for its high performance, corrosion resistance, durability, and multiple protection abilities. You also get pre-drilled holes which makes them easy to install. Read more

Best Solar Panels for Boats

1. XINPUGUANG Solar Panel


XINPUGUANG offers a USB connector-type monocrystalline silicon cell solar panel with an incredible 200-watt size. This solar panel is the perfect fit for all your fishing trips and sea journeys.

Listed below are some of the relatively standard features of the XINPUGUANG solar panels.


Top-notch performance

This solar panel promises excellent performance and pretty high efficiency. The monocrystalline solar cells even perform well under poor light conditions.

Additionally, the internal diodes can help avoid the current leakage during late-night hours.

Highly Flexible

It isn’t every day that you can call a solar panel as flexible. Well, XINPUGUANG makes this difference. You can use this panel for any kind of curved surfaces such as a sailboat, car, coach, cabin, yacht, truck, camper, tent, and many more.


This solar panel has high reliability with an assured +/- 3% output power tolerance. These abilities make the solar panel handle pretty strong winds and extreme temperatures.

XINPUGUANG has provided its solar panels with an advanced encapsulation material with multiple layered sheet laminations that give very long life and enhanced cell performance.

Easy Installation

This solar panel is one of the easiest to install. They give users a glue, adhesive, screw along with a grommet at the corner.

The kit also has a controller that protects the battery while charging. You also get extension cables along with the 2 in 1 connector to put to great use.


  • Easy Install
  • Inbuilt diode for anti-reverse charging to the battery
  • Very reliable
  • Diverse application


  • Efficiency might dwindle over highly long hours of usage

2. EF Ecoflow Solar Panel

EF Ecoflow Solar Panel

Do you want a solar panel compatible with most solar generators in the market? The EF ECO FLOW is your best friend in that case! The connector size varies from the MC4 port to the XT 60 one. You also get a pretty portable and foldable solar panel.

Let’s go through some of the top factors that make the fantastic EF ECO FLOW solar panel.


Designed for maximum usage: EF ECO FLOW made sure that the solar panel they created is compatible with most solar generators in and around the market. They have their own included size of connectors ranging from the MC4 port to the XT60.

High Efficiency

This solar panel promises you chainable features. These abilities help it chain ECO FLOW 110 w solar panels together through the MC4 cables.

If you are on the go, just a few minutes of solar recharge will give enough power to the power station.

Foldable kickstand Panel

The EF ECO FLOW solar panel has rubber handles and a pretty flexible bracket stand. This stand can be utilised to adjust the angles of the solar panel starting from 0 to 180 degrees!

You will also be able to fold the storage pouch for a means of straightforward transport. The shape is made from a unique durable fabric that protects the solar panel from the occasional rain.

This solar panel can be used in hiking trips, camping, fishing, and picnics.


EF ECO FLOW promises a waterproof solar panel to brave all weather conditions. You can even submerge the solar panel in water for about 30 minutes with no adverse effect on the product.

In the Box

With the superb solar panel, you also get an MC4 cable connector with various connection ports.


  • Durable Solar panel
  • Multiple ports
  • Splash and waterproof
  • Foldable and portable


  • No cons as such

3. Ranber Solar Panel

Ranber Solar Panel

With a weight of 729 g and a black coloured monocrystalline silicon exterior, Ranber Solar Panel can be an excellent pick for your boating adventures. It has a range of top features and positive customer reviews, making Ranber win our hearts again!



It is a 420 x 280 x 30 mm sized and 729 gram weighing Solar Panel. The temperature range for the product is -40 degrees Celsius to +80 degrees Celsius.

In the Box

The 40A controller comes inbuilt with a solar panel and a very convenient battery clip. The controller has a rated voltage of 12V/24V with a current of 40 A. The maximum PV voltage stands at 50 V while the Max PV input Power is 650 W(12V) to 1300 W (240 V)

Wide range of Applications

Ranber Solar panel can be used on your boat and other outdoor locations and trips. You can bring them along mountains, grasslands and even the deserts.

With these benefits, you can use it for other power generation, portable charging and even emergency charging in some cases.

Easy to install

Ranber makes sure that the solar panel isn’t tough to install and doesn’t cause any maintenance issues for the users. You will find the product pretty simple to set up, and even taking care isn’t a mess.


The solar panel is lightweight and has a limited size. Because of this, you can easily carry them around and have them on your trips.


  • Easy Installation
  • Portable
  • Lightweight


  • The efficiency could have been better

4. Topsolar Solar Panel

Topsolar Solar Panel

TopSolar promises a flexible solar panel with a 100 Wattage, specially made for RC boats, cabins, Vans and uneven surfaces. You will love the features on this one, and there is a reason why TopSolar is one of the trusted brands in the British market.

Some of its excellent features are listed down below in-depth:


Highly portable

The solar panel is just 0.1 inches in height and weighs just 3.97 lb. This makes it very lightweight and thus acts almost as an invisible solar power assembly.

Due to its easy to carry steps, solar power can be transported, hanged, removed and installed anywhere you like.


With high-temperature resistance and easy to clean abilities, TOPSolar solar panels are very durable. They are even more durable than other aluminium and glass solar panels.

High Conversion Efficiency

The monocrystalline solar cells in the panel have a unique black contract technology. It also removes the electrodes in the solar cells, responsible for blocking the sunshine.

This, in turn, increases the solar panel conversion efficiency by 50 per cent making it more efficient than regular ones.

Best quality Material

These solar panels have been built with ETFE materials with a very high light transmittance and a comparatively long service life compared to other materials,

The ETFE helps ensure a more significant performance with every new day. The black plate in the solar panel adopts the TPT that is conducive to heat dissipation. It also provides a very long-time stable performance.


  • Top-notch quality
  • Durability is great
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight


  • It doesn’t have a con

5. Renogy Solar Panel

Renogy Solar Panel

Renogy is another one of the most reliable solar panel brands across the United Kingdom. Their solar panels are highly reliable and have pretty efficient performance. Given are some of the main features of the Renogy Solar Panel that you must know before buying this product.


Efficient performance

The positive output tolerance is guaranteed in the case of the Renogy Solar Panel with 0 to 3% stats. The bypass diodes help in reducing the power drops which have been caused due to the shade. This also ensures top notch performance in low light conditions.

The Renogy Solar Panel is also anti-reflective has low iron tempered glass, high transparency, and progressive stiffness and impact resistance.

Built to Last

The solar panel comes with the ability to withstand very high winds (2400 Pa) and other snow loads (5400 Pa). It has a corrosion-resistant aluminium frame that can give extended hours of outdoor use, which can help the panel last pretty long.

It is also IP65 rated, giving complete protection from many environmental particles and low-pressure water jets.


The high purity silicon cells coated with advanced encapsulation materials and multi layered sheet laminations make it very reliable and long lasting.

Renogy Solar Panels aren’t a mess when installing. With the right set of instructions, you will maintain this solar panel easily.


  • Easily installed
  • Light Weight
  • Highly Reliable
  • High Efficiency


  • The build quality may reduce over time

6. DOKIO Solar Panel

DOKIO Solar Panel

If you want a bendable, semi flexible, thin-film monocrystalline and lightweight solar panel, then DOKIO is the answer for you. You can use it over various irregular surfaces, and it will work immensely well.


Light Weight

Who wouldn’t love a lightweight solar panel? The DOKIO solar panel is 20% the weight of a glass framed one. It is only 0.1 inches thick and weighs about 1.1 kgs.

You can surely carry it on your next trip to the sea!

Easy to Set Up

It has 8 evenly spaced metal grommet mounting holes with fasteners. You can also mount the solar panel with the help of Velcro or adhesive.

The lightweight ability is beneficial when you need to carry it around.

Excellent Quality

This panel’s high efficiency monocrystalline solar cells help achieve high power efficiency. Even though the panel is relatively tiny, this will happen compared to other traditional solar panels.

Even on cloudy days, the product has excellent efficiency, making it a top product concerning cost and performance.

Advanced lamination

THE ETFE material on the solar panel has a better light transmittance higher service life than the regular PET material. On top of that, the junction box and the solar panel are entirely water-resistant and thus can be used in a range of weather conditions.


  • Top-notch material
  • High quality
  • Great efficiency
  • Portable


  • Cables required for the set-up may have to be bought separately

7. ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel

ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel

One of the most highly rated solar panels ever, ECO-WORTHY gives its customers many reasons to buy the product! With excellent performance and multiple protection, you are assured of making a buy that will last. Pss…it has a pretty wide application too.


Top-Notch Performance

ECO-WORTHY provides you with a product with a corrosion-resistant aluminium frame which helps it last for a very long time. It can also face powerful winds and snowstorms at ease.

The junction box is IP65 waterproof as well.

Multiple Protection

The 30 A solar charge controller has features such as the built short circuit protection, overload protection, open circuit protection which gives the safety you need.

It also has three different types of batteries: lithium ones, lead-acid batteries, and gel batteries.

Wide Application

The solar panel is a perfect fit for the off grid solar panel system used in caravans. Motorhomes. RV. Boats and even in greenhouses.

Easy Installation: You get pre drilled holes in the panels, making it pretty easy to attach to the roof or the ground wherever you like. There are adjustable solar panel tilt mount brackets as well.

All the solar panels come with about 90 cm 12 AWG cable with male or female quick connectors.

In the Box

The solar kit comprises 2 pieces of 100 W monocrystalline solar panel, 1 pair of 5m 4mm solar cables, 2 sets of Z mounting brackets, 30 A solar controller and 1 pair of Y branch connectors.


  • Waterproof
  • Multiple protection
  • Reliable
  • Wide Application


  • The kit doesn’t have a roof flange for the wires

Boat Solar Panels Buying Guide

Now that you have checked out all the top options available in the market, it’s time to go through the factors to consider before making that final purchase of the marine solar panel.

This is specifically helpful for all those people who are still confused and cannot zero down on the final pick. Go through these pointers and be clear about the product to pick.

What are solar panels for boats?

Solar panels for boats are designed to provide a clean and renewable source of power for onboard electronics and appliances. Unlike traditional marine generators, solar panels produce no noise or pollutants, making them an ideal choice for eco-conscious boaters. In addition, solar panels can be used to recharge batteries, providing a reliable backup power source in case of engine failure or bad weather.

Solar panels are typically mounted on the deck or cabin roof, and are available in a variety of sizes and capacities to suit the needs of any vessel. With a little planning and preparation, solar panels can help make your next boating adventure more enjoyable and environmentally friendly.

How do solar panels for boats work?

Solar Panels for BoatsSolar panels for boats work by converting sunlight into electrical energy. The solar panel consists of an array of individual solar cells, each of which is made from a material that is capable of absorbing sunlight and converting it into electricity. When the sun shines on the solar panel, the solar cells generate an electric current. This current is then stored in a battery, and can be used to power boat accessories such as lights and navigational devices.

Solar panels are a popular choice for boat owners because they are environmentally friendly and relatively low maintenance. Additionally, solar panels can provide a significant source of power even in cloudy conditions. As a result, they are an ideal way to keep boat batteries charged and boat systems running smoothly.

What are the advantage of solar panels for your boat?

There are a number of benefits when it comes to installing solar panels. Some of them are listed below:

  • The biggest reason behind buying a solar panel inside or outside a boat is that you end up saving money. The solar panel uses solar energy to produce electricity which means your electric bills are surely going to reduce
  • The whole solar panel operation is completely noise-free. Instead of the regular generator that produces innumerable noises, the solar panel ensures you a peaceful ride.
  • A solar panel would not need your presence to be charged, So you also get the benefit of auto power generation. The batteries will be charged as and when they come in contact with sunlight.
  • By using solar energy, you aren’t just helping yourself, but you are also saving the environment. The extensive use of solar power reduces pollution and saves energy.
  • On top of these benefits, you will also reduce the fuel cost in the market.

Is overcharging of a battery possible through a solar panel?

Overcharging largely depends on the time that you leave the battery on charge. There is an issue if the solar panel is in touch with an ultimately charged battery for a pretty long time.

Your solar panel will most probably overcharge the battery in such a case.

What is the number of batteries required for a 200-watt solar panel?

On a general note, you would require four 300 amp batteries while using a 200-watt solar panel. You will also need three panels for this.

Can people walk on solar panels?

Yes, it is not a difficult task to walk on solar panels, but the result is most likely not favourable. There might be a breakdown, or you may even fall off the solar panel.

At the same time, some solar panels have been created to enable easy walking on them. You can research these options online and find them.

Should you cover solar panels when you aren’t using them?

Boat Solar PanelThe answer to this question depends on your choice. There is no urgency to cover the solar panels when you aren’t using them, but you can still do it if you feel like it.

You or your solar panel will not face any issues either way.

Can I wash my solar panel?

Generally, you should not be washing your solar panels. In case of extreme dust, smog, or sand which has blown to the panels and made them dirty, you can clean up the solar panel with a cloth.

What is the watt solar panels need for a boat?

The solar panel watts are primarily dependent on the power required. If the boat has many devices such as a refrigerator, water maker, fan and many more, you are bound to need more power.

More power simply means that you need more wattage and thus a solar panel with more watts.

Factors to Consider when Buying Solar Panels for Boats


Probably the make-or-break factor when it comes to buying solar panels is the power that they supply. Now, the energy required on boats would broadly vary between different owners and activities.

Some boats have many fans, fridges, watermakers, while the others might only have a refrigerator. These two boats will most necessarily have different power requirements, and we are all for that!

According to the devices, figure out the power you need, and then choose the solar panel.


While power is essential, the size of your solar panel is also a crucial factor. Having a small boat and buying a more extensive solar panel is simply a waste of money. You will be unable to install the solar panel inside the ship in case of such a situation.

So, consider the size of the boat and then the panel size.

Generally, an average-sized 30 to 35 feet boat needs 300 to 350 watts of energy. The size which is best for the charging of the boat battery will depend on other factors.

These factors include the unit of boat battery that is being used and the impact of the absorbing power in the solar panel. This would contribute to the charging of the equipment.

On the other hand, the size of a solar panel will be around 17 to 23 square feet. With the change in size, the solar panels will also differ in the battery pack, maximum power, self-efficacy, individual cells, and the cell types inside the solar panel.


Durability is also an essential factor while narrowing down the solar panels for your boat. You will be putting in a reasonable amount of money while purchasing the boat, so it is best to buy one that lasts long.

You should consider the material along with the cells used in identifying the life of the solar panel. Try to choose high-quality materials to ensure that you have a great final product.

Weather Resistance

Solar Panels on BoatThese solar panels are meant for the sea and what that means is that they will be subject to frequent weather changes. In fact, the weather could even be pretty harsh.

It would help if you bought a solar panel that can face strong winds, significant snows, and rains. Moreover, these solar panels should be able to handle the pressure of the weather for long hours as well.

Buy a solar panel with high wind and snow resistance to ensure this practice and your safety in adverse conditions.


Solar panels that you choose should be easily installed and be strong in their overall build. For this, you must buy a solar panel with easy installation. This means it should come with pre-installed diodes, holes on the back, and an installation manual clubbed with a pretty long cable.

These other things in the kit will help you quickly install the solar panels along with using it properly.

Wrapping Up

There you go, people! You would need all the information above to buy that perfect marine solar panel. We understand the options could be overwhelming, and so with these top 7 picks, you will now have limited yet the best options to choose from.

All these options have been put on the list after proper research and testing so; you can rely on them while making that purchase for yourself.

If you are confused and don’t like the options listed here, go through the quick buying guide and understand the factors that are bound to make a difference while you purchase the marine solar panel.