Imagine a well-lit front garden equipped to secure your premises without the need for electricity. Or, visualise a fenced backyard illuminated to enjoy an evening outside.

You can install such a setup with solar security lights. These lights are the perfect modern gadgets to provide convenience and safety at the same time.

The most crucial aspect — you do not need electricity!

With loads of options in the market, it’s possible to buy an incompatible product. However, our in-depth guide includes ten solid solar security lights to simplify your choices.

Be sure to explore the buying guide after the products. After all, it’s vital to be an intelligent and aware solar customer.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar security lights available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



HETP Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights

HETP Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights

This product is a set of two solar security lights with adequate battery backup. Furthermore, the IP rating and responsive after-sales service add to the benefits of these motion sensor lights. Read more

CLANOER Solar Outdoor Lights

CLANOER Solar Outdoor Lights

If you want a high brightness level, the CLANOER solar lights are a worthy choice. These lights offer support to adhesive tape installation. Also, the ABS material improves the overall durability of these security lights. Read more

Mudder Solar Security Lights

Mudder Solar Security Lights

This product is well-known for its massive battery backup. The design is unique compared to most solar outdoor security lights. If you prefer features like human induction and a separate solar panel, this product can be a good choice. Read more

Litogo Solar Security Motion Sensor Lights

Litogo Solar Security Motion Sensor Lights

The Litogo solar security lights are simple, cost-effective and easy-to-install units. The lights have multiple lighting modes and provide a wide motion-sensing angle. Hence, these lights are loaded with top features. Read more

JESLED Solar Security Outdoor Lights

JESLED Solar Security Outdoor Lights

These solar lights are one of a kind due to a USB charging slot. Also, the unique design makes them stand out in the solar security lighting market. The huge battery and IP rating are notable aspects of these lights. Read more

Veofoo Mini Solar Outdoor Lights

Veofoo Mini Solar Outdoor Lights

The Veofoo mini solar lights combine aesthetics and practicality in a single design. The long illumination range and distinct blue light mode are a delight for any customer. In terms of cost, the price is competitive. Read more

KIBTOY Waterproof Solar Security Lights

KIBTOY Waterproof Solar Security Lights

This product provides a hi-tech look to the overall solar panel and LED unit. You can mount the light without any hassle. Notably, the design allows optimum heat dissipation and weather resistance. Read more

UNIFUN Solar Powered Wall Lights

UNIFUN Solar Powered Wall Lights

The UNIFUN solar wall lights have rotatable LEDs and an excellent motion sensing angle. Also, the compact dimensions add to the ease in portability. An IP rating proves good manufacturing quality. Read more

Blue Bone Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights

Blue Bone Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights

This product is a pack of two solar motion sensing security lights. Both the light models are available in different colours. Notably, the conversion efficiency of these lights is commendable. Hence, you can receive high performance from adequate solar charging. Read more

Jorft Solar Wall Lamp Security Lights

Jorft Solar Wall Lamp Security Lights

If you prefer a simple design, this product might be a good option. The solar panel and LED unit connect through a cable. Hence, you can mount the security light in a different orientation. Read more

10 Best Solar Security Lights

1. HETP Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights

HETP Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights

HETP brings power to your garden with the 78 LED solar motion sensor lights. This product has the perfect combination of sensors that improves security and provides convenience. The compact design makes it an ideal solar light to install on a walled surface. Let’s look at the features that make this product a worthy piece in the market.


Three Motion Sensor Modes

Depending on your requirement, you can shuffle between the strong long, dim light, and strong light-sensor modes.

The motion sensor detects the physical presence and changes the intensity of light. This feature helps in conserving energy. In addition, it provides high flexibility to residents.

You can also use the light-off mode to turn the solar lights OFF.

Illumination Angle

The HETP solar security lights take safety to a new level. Catching a burglar is simple with 180 degrees movement angle.

This angular LED positioning augments the sufficient distribution of light. Hence, the LEDs cover a wide area for illumination. The LED range can cover a distance of 20 feet and above.

Lithium-Ion Battery

These batteries are one of the top-notch choices to store energy for running any gadget. Likewise, the HETP solar security light units have a massive 2000 mAh Li-ion battery.

This capacity is more than sufficient to power the lights for long after sunlight.

IP Rating

An IP-rated product is modern proof of excellent manufacturing. The HETP solar security lights are rated as IP 65, which assures resistance to water.

Hence, these lights can withstand rainfall, heat, dust, and other contaminants. Made from ABS, these security lights are lightweight as well.


  • These lights are easy to install
  • The company offers two years of after-sales service
  • The brightness of these lights is impressive
  • No need for electrical wiring


  • One package contains only two lights

2. CLANOER Solar Outdoor Lights

CLANOER Solar Outdoor Lights

If you want highly durable solar security lights, this product is worthy of exploring. The CLANOER solar lights are made from high-impact ABS plastic that improve the overall strength. A 120° motion angle adds to the safety and security of any household. Here are the significant features of these solar security lights.


Wide Illumination Angle

The CLANOER solar outdoor security lights have a splendid illumination angle of 270 degrees. This angle enables the light to cover an area of approximately 150 sq. feet.

So, you can install these lights at your garage, garden space, deck yard, or any place with insufficient light. The wider angle amplifies the brightness immensely.

High Number of LEDs

These solar security lights have 128 LEDs. So, brightness will never be an issue under adequate solar charging.

Having more LEDs adds to the convenience and fail-safe feature. The unique angular design makes it possible to fit 128 LED chips in the units. Overall, consumers can enjoy sufficient lighting to indulge in recreational activities.

PIR Motion Sensor

The CLANOER solar lights come with a combination of light and PIR motion sensors. This sensor detects moving objects like pets, humans, and animals, thereby changing the brightness.

Hence, you can detect movement from the safety of your house. The gradual illumination adds convenience without alarming the owners in haste.

ABS Construction

As mentioned earlier, these lights are made from ABS plastic. This material is known for chemical, heat, and abrasion resistance.

In addition, the plastic is rigid and possesses high dimensional stability. All these benefits make these solar security lights ideal for outdoor utility.


  • The lights have three intelligent lighting modes
  • They come equipped with an 1800 mAh lithium battery
  • The lights require no maintenance
  • You can use a 3M adhesive tape for installation


  • They are comparatively heavy

3. Mudder Solar Security Lights

Mudder Solar Security Lights

Mudder brings medium-sized solar security lights that are available as single or dual units. These lights are different in terms of aesthetics compared to the above two products. Along with a huge battery, you can choose these lights for added safety at any desired position.


Intelligent Human Induction

You don’t need remote control or switch to operate these lights. They turn OFF automatically in the absence of a human.

Hence, this mode allows more flexibility to owners. The sensing distance of around 20 feet is impressive. So, this feature adds ‘smart’ functioning to these solar lights.

Big Battery Backup

These lights have two lithium-ion batteries to power 100 LEDs and other features. The battery capacity of 2400 mAh is sufficient to power the lights for around ten hours.

Also, these lights take considerably less time to charge completely. Overall, a bigger battery capacity adds high value for invested money.

Corded Connection

Unlike other solar security lights, this product consists of a separate solar panel and light arrangement.

This feature adds to the convenience as you can install the two as per requirement. A five meters cable separates the two units. So, you can decide the proper orientation of the panel for maximum sunlight exposure.

Simple Installation

Although not a technical feature, this point proves the ergonomic nature of Mudder solar security lights.

You can install each light in four simple steps. Hence, a hassle-free installation process adds to the practicality of this product. In addition, the angular adjustment of the light and panel holder is very easy to understand.


  • The lights have an IP 65 waterproof rating
  • Mudder’s customer service is highly active
  • The battery backup is huge
  • You get more flexibility due to a separate panel


  • They are heavy (approximately 450 grams)
  • Some consumers complain about the power lead connection

4. Litogo Solar Security Motion Sensor Lights

Litogo Solar Security Motion Sensor Lights

This product is a cost-effective item to enhance your outdoor security. You can install these lights in your garden area and benefit from the optical and infrared sensors. Importantly, these lights have all the necessary features you should find in solar security lights.


Multiple Lighting Modes

You can use three modes to maximise energy savings. For instance, the sensor light mode saves energy by turning the LEDs OFF in the absence of any object.

Alternatively, the middle brightness and dim light mode can serve different purposes. This feature makes efficient use of the sensor technology.

Weather Resistance

Thanks to the ever-reliable ABS material, the Litogo solar lights are resistant to harsh weather. Also, the lights have an IP 65 rating, making them a dependable product.

Litogo solar lights’ design has to be a vital factor in improving the weather resistance. The tapered shape helps isolate and deflect water.

Useful Sensor Angle

The movement angle of 270 degrees improves range, light scope, and object detection. So, the lights can function effectively in all weather.

In addition, the compact dimensions ease the installation process. Overall, this product ticks all the right boxes in terms of ergonomics.

Polycrystalline Solar Panel

The lights have polycrystalline silicon solar panels, which are highly affordable. Hence, you end up saving money compared to some other security lights.

This feature adds to the economic advantage of the Litogo Solar Security Motion Sensor Lights.


  • They are very easy to install
  • Each light has a rechargeable battery
  • You get a one-year warranty period
  • The light direction is adjustable


  • The 1200 mAh battery capacity is comparatively small
  • Some consumers may find the design to be too simple

5. JESLED Solar Security Outdoor Lights

JESLED Solar Security Outdoor Lights

The JESLED solar light is a fine product if you fancy a downlight direction model. This solar security light resembles a beautiful overhead LED that can light up any outdoor space. What’s more? Its versatile design allows owners to use it in different settings.


Auto Light Control

The JESLED solar security outdoor lights have a dusk to dawn sensor. This sensor activates the LED automatically.

Hence, you don’t need to remember turning these security lights ON every day. This feature offers benefits like energy-saving and convenience simultaneously.

Wide Emitting Angle

The LED placement and sensor range span for an angle of 120 degrees. So, you can cover a wide area with this solar security light.

Significantly, the downlight design configuration highly amplifies this feature. The motion detecting sensor covers a decent range of over 10 feet.

USB Charging Support

The JESLED solar light is compatible with standard USB charging. Hence, you can carry this light for camping or hiking purposes.

A USB slot adds to the versatility of any solar lighting device. Also, you do not need to depend on conventional ways for charging other devices.

Four Lighting Modes

This solar security light has multiple modes to suit different requirements. The four modes include sensor, sensor and dim, dim, and emergency mode.

Hence, the device makes efficient use of motion detection. Also, the fourth mode makes practical use of the USB port for charging purposes.


  • The security light has an IP 65 rating
  • You get a two-year warranty period (one year for the battery)
  • The battery capacity is remarkable (2600 mAh)
  • A monocrystalline solar panel is present


  • The price is comparatively high

6. Veofoo Mini Solar Outdoor Lights

Veofoo Mini Solar Outdoor Lights

The Veofoo mini solar security lights are perfect for customers who want to buy a new spotlight. The design is impressive, and the solar light has phenomenal practical features. An IP 67 rating is proof of durability and weather resistance. Let’s take a detailed look at the features that make this product a top-rated one.


Screw Rotation Design

The adjustable bracket of this solar security light is extremely helpful. You can rotate the direction by 120 degrees.

In addition, the compact size makes it convenient for users to adjust the light without much effort. Hence, the unique bracket design makes it stand out in the solar light market.

Blue Light Mode

You will find motion sensors and dim LEDs in every solar security light. These functions are crucial for theft detection and energy saving.

Veofoo goes one step ahead and adds a blue LED function at night. So, in the absence of a person, the light stays blue. As the motion sensor detects a person, the LED turns white.

Dual Material Construction

The Veofoo solar outdoor lights are made from a combination of polycarbonate and ABS. Hence, these lights offer benefits for both the raw materials.

In a nutshell, they are rustproof, weather and heat resistant, and light in weight. So, the build quality and material features of these lights are top-notch.

PIR Motion Sensors

The in-built motion sensor detects objects around 30 feet. This motion detection activates the white light mode.

So, the solar security light can alert you about possible movements on the premises. This feature is common but vital in security lights.


  • The price of the lights is competitive
  • Most customers will love the unique design
  • The illumination distance is long
  • You can install these solar lights easily


  • These lights do not have a dim mode
  • They do not have a USB port

7. KIBTOY Waterproof Solar Security Lights

KIBTOY Waterproof Solar Security Lights

The KIBTOY solar security lights are one of a kind. The design of this solar lighting product includes three LED heads in a single unit. Interestingly, these heads are adjustable. The solar panel positioning is in the centre, providing a futuristic look to the security light. Let’s find out whether the features complement its unique looks.


Body Motion Sensor

These solar security lights have a combination of in-built body motion and low light sensors. They work in tandem to detect the presence of a moving object, human or pet. In addition, the lights turn ON during the night automatically.

Hence, these lights are automatic and convenient for homeowners.

Rechargeable Battery

These security lights have a 2400 mAh rechargeable battery to store solar energy. Importantly, it is contained in the unit and doesn’t require separate installation.

Under a full charge, you can expect the lights to function for a sufficient duration. You can expect a whole night functioning with a powerful solar charge.

Heat Dissipation

The ergonomic design makes these solar security lights withstand considerable heat. In fact, the gap between the three LED heads and solar panels is adequate to ensure proper ventilation.

Hence, there is no issue with heat built-up. So, you can install these lights in harsh weather conditions.

Adjustable Heads

This feature is the USP of the KIBTOY solar security lights. You can adjust the heads that contain LEDs in any orientation.

So, you can have enough illumination and convenient light placement as required. This aspect improves the scope of utility, thereby allowing various options for security light installation.


  • The brightness of LEDs is high
  • They have an IP 65 rating
  • You receive top-notch after-sales service
  • The material of these lights is durable


  • They do not have a USB charging slot
  • The overall weight is comparatively high

8. UNIFUN Solar Powered Wall Lights

UNIFUN Solar Powered Wall Lights

The UNIFUN solar security lights have a distinct look that resembles a hi-tech flying drone. If you want a light with rotatable LEDs, this product is worth exploring. The round LED heads to offer a spotlight feel, whereas the central horizontal LED looks conventional.


Rotatable Design

The X-factor of these security lights is the 360 degrees rotational spotlight and solar panel ability. There are 14 LEDs in the two spotlights and 16 LEDs in the central horizontal unit.

Hence, illumination is never a problem with the UNIFUN solar wall lights. The rotational feature allows you to position the light for optimum performance.

Simple Installation

You can follow the three-step installation process and mount this solar security light without any hassle.

All you need are wall plugs, screws and adequate drilling. The lights mount perfectly on the screw, providing ease in installation. Importantly, there is minimum damage to any wall in the entire process.

Compact Dimensions

Consumers prefer solar products that are easy to carry around. This benefit allows you to commute with the products and utilise low space.

Weighing around 230 grams, the UNIFUN solar lights are incredibly compact and lightweight. Hence, you can even store them in a small box in case of relocation.

Dim Light Mode

The motion sensors work accurately to detect an object and act accordingly. This feature is benign to stay wary of thefts or any potential intrusion.

You can expect a motion detection range of approximately 26 feet. So, the dim mode saves crucial energy in the absence of any object during the night.


  • It has a large sensing angle
  • The design and look of this model are splendid
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • These lights have an IP rating


  • It does not have multiple lighting modes
  • Some users complain about the switch positioning

9. Blue Bone Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights

Blue Bone Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights

The Blue Bone solar outdoor lights are compact and have a flat design. These lights are perfect for outdoor installation due to their portable size and simple mounting provisions. You will admire the overall build quality and motion-sensing modes, along with other features.


Intelligent Solar Lighting Modes

The Blue Bone solar lights have three lighting modes that change in accordance with the motion-sensing technology.

This feature is similar to the high-end solar security lights that alert homeowners from possible intrusion.

High Energy Conversion Rate

These solar lights have a 300-mA solar panel that absorbs solar energy. Interestingly, the brand claims an energy conversion efficiency of up to 20.5%.

This efficiency rate is high compared to most solar lights. Hence, the lights will carry functioning for a decent duration.

ABS Material Construction

ABS is a highly durable material that resists several detrimental factors. Hence, durability is never an issue with these solar outdoor security lights.

In terms of weather resistance, the design has an IP 67 rating. So, you don’t have to worry about rainwater damaging the LEDs or light body.

Wide Illumination Angle

The design of these security lights enables the LEDs to cover a decent area for illumination. The angular coverage of the LEDs is 270 degrees.

Hence, you can expect an area of 50 – 80 square meters to receive significant light. This feature is subjective and depends on how the user intends to install these solar lights.


  • It has an in-built timer
  • The LEDs generate 500 lumens intensity
  • These lights are easy to mount and install
  • The conversion efficiency is high


  • They are comparatively heavy

10. Jorft Solar Wall Lamp Security Lights

Jorft Solar Wall Lamp Security Lights

Closing the list of the recommended solar outdoor lights is a split design model from Jorft. Unlike other security light designs, these units have a separate solar panel. A longer lifespan is the highlight of this security light model. Let’s take a look at the defining features.


Overcharge Protection System

The manufacturer provides an automatic plug de-activation system that protects the lights from discharge. Hence, users don’t need to fret over excess energy input to these lights.

Notably, the timer delay function enables this feature to run smoothly. So, the lifespan of the unit increases.

Waterproof Cable

Due to a split design, these lights have individual five-meter cables to connect the solar panel. However, Jorft provides a waterproof cable that minimises any hassle of installation.

To get maximum solar exposure, you can easily mount the panel on the rooftop. So, there is no loss in charging efficiency due to cable damage.

IP 65 Rating

This product is an IP rated solar light that can resist harsh weather and contaminants. Hence, you can use them in any outdoor setup.

Dust, frost, water, or heat, these lights can withstand such adverse impact. So, rough weather won’t hamper the performance considerably.

Angular Adjustment

You can rotate the LED unit as per requirement. However, be sure to practice caution for such rotation as you can end up damaging the bracket in extreme cases.

This safety tip is applicable to all solar security lights. Overall, this feature allows a high level of flexibility for customers.


  • The light direction is adjustable
  • It has a competitive price
  • The design is very simple
  • You receive installation screws with the package


  • The in-built battery capacity is comparatively low

Solar Security Light Buying Guide

Buying a solar product isn’t a straightforward task. You need to have at least a basic idea about the features that suit your usage.

The list of above ten solar security lights consists of products that have top-notch and essential features. Still, it is beneficial to know the basics well.

This buying guide covers the most frequent queries and factors you should never overlook.

Key Takeaways

  • Solar security lights are portable, convenient, and durable outdoor lighting solutions powered by solar panels, LED bulbs, motion sensors, and rechargeable batteries. They do not require electrical wiring.
  • Advantages of solar security lights include their environmental friendliness, independence from conventional energy sources, absence of fire hazards from electrical cables, easy installation, and long-term cost-effectiveness. They enhance security when used in conjunction with solar security cameras.
  • Factors to consider when buying solar security lights include brightness (measured in lumens), sensor types (motion and photosensors), light coverage distance, range of motion sensor, capacity of the inbuilt battery, and weather resistance. Choosing lights with suitable features ensures their effectiveness and longevity in enhancing security.

What are solar security lights?

Solar security lights are products that provide adequate lighting during the night or in low light conditions. These lights are installed outdoors and mainly support wall mounting.

They have a solar panel, LED bulbs, motion sensor and an in-built rechargeable battery. Some units have a light sensor that supports the auto-activation function.

Solar security lights are primarily portable, convenient, and durable options that do not require electrical wiring.

How do solar security lights work?

Solar Security LightSolar security lights have a poly or monocrystalline solar panel. This panel absorbs the sun’s energy and produces electricity.

This electricity powers the LED bulbs that provide illumination to the focused space. A rechargeable battery is in-built in the security light unit for storage purposes.

The combination of light and motion sensors work simultaneously in high-end models. These sensors detect a physical object and fluctuate the light intensity accordingly.

Hence, you can become alert of any intrusion in the residential or commercial premises.

What are the advantages of solar security lights?

Apart from being environment-friendly, solar security lights offer the following benefits.

  • They don’t require a conventional energy setup
  • These lights don’t need a power outlet
  • There are no chances of fire hazards due to the absence of electrical cables
  • Solar security lights are easy to install
  • These units are cost-effective in the long-term
  • Solar security lights and solar security cameras enhance the security of your premise

Overall, solar security lights are the new lighting solutions that can gradually replace traditional lights.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Solar Security Lights

As a buyer, you can have variable needs. Hence, choosing a product that has features conducive to your lifestyle is always benign.

When buying solar security lights, ensure you purchase a product that ticks most of the following factors.


Every manufacturer mentions brightness in lumens. Hence, you should first consider the lumen capacity of a solar security light.

Solar lights above 300 lumens are preferable for most customers. Hence, check for a higher lumen rating for greater illumination.


At this time, famous brands use motion and photosensors in a security light. Motion sensors detect objects like animals, humans, and cars.

Subsequently, the sensor leads the unit to dim, flash, or vary the LED intensity. The photosensor detects darkness and turns ON the LEDs.

So, you should buy a security light with a motion sensor, also known as PIR. A photosensor adds to users’ convenience as you don’t need to turn the switch ON manually.

Light Coverage Distance

This factor depends entirely on the user. You need to assess the area required to illuminate before buying a solar security light.

Some brands mention the coverage distance in square meters. This area is the space covered by LEDs. In simple words, this area depicts how far the LED light reaches after mounting.

If you install a solar security light for the patio set, the coverage distance can be small. On the other hand, if you desire to light up your entire garden, opt for a product with a long coverage distance.

Range of Motion Sensor

Solar Motion Security LightSolar security lights are mainly used for alerting homeowners of a robber or intruder. They activate or flash after detecting a nearby object.

Here, the range plays a vital role. Solar security light with a decent can flash even if the intruder is at a distance. This alerts people living indoors.

The range depends on coverage angle, depth and lateral distance. You should choose lights with at least a five-meter motion detection range.

Also, angular coverage of above 180 degrees is sufficient for many customers. You can even use a 120-degree coverage light, depending on the space.

The capacity of the Inbuilt Battery

Lithium-ion batteries are preferable for high-capacity storage lights. These batteries generally come with a capacity of 2000 mAh and above.

However, you can find solar lights with Lithium Polymer, Lead Acid, Ni-Cd, and Ni-MH batteries. It is ideal to choose Li-ion batteries, but certainly not mandatory.

High-capacity batteries store more energy. However, the efficiency depends on the type of solar panel. A monocrystalline solar panel will contain a high energy conversion rate.

So, in addition to a reasonable capacity rating, you should pay equal attention to the type of solar panel.

Resistance to Weather

Solar security lights having an IP rating should be your first priority. Such products cost comparatively high but offer good resistance to water, dust, heat, and other contaminants.

You will most likely install these security lights outdoors. Hence, rainwater, snow, heat, and dust impact are inevitable.

So, always prefer a solar light that has an IP rating. Also, cross-check from user reviews about the IP rating claim. Most reputed manufacturers follow necessary production methods to make an IP-rated solar security light.

Our Expertise in Solar Lights

At Solar Panels Network, our pride lies in the extensive expertise of our seasoned professionals and renewable energy experts. With the rising demand for eco-friendly and energy-efficient security lighting solutions, we are dedicated to guiding you through the options to enhance the safety of your outdoor spaces. By merging our vast knowledge with practical, real-world testing, we deliver trustworthy reviews.

Why Trust Our Reviews?

  • Industry Expertise: Our experts have a deep-seated understanding of the solar industry, including solar security lighting. We stay updated with technological advancements to ensure our reviews reflect the cutting-edge options.
  • Hands-On Testing: True to our commitment to authenticity, each solar security light on our list has been tested for performance and durability. We’ve assessed these lights in various settings to simulate how they’ll perform in your surroundings, ensuring they can withstand diverse weather conditions.
  • Transparency: We approach our reviews with a clear and open methodology. Every recommendation is presented with an honest assessment of its features and functionality. We aim to provide you with all the necessary information, free from any external influence, so that you can make the best choice for your outdoor security lighting.
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As we look towards a more secure and sustainable future, Solar Panels Network is dedicated to helping you find the best solar security lights for 2024. Our selection is designed to offer you a combination of innovation, reliability, and enhanced safety for your property. With our expert advice, you can illuminate your outdoor space with confidence.

Wrapping Up

Solar security lights are practical, cost-effective and durable products to enhance the security of your premises. Their compact design enables them to find extensive utility in any building space.

The features prevalent in most solar security lights are tailormade for alerting homeowners. However, you can even use them as a decorative element due to new, improved aesthetics.

Importantly, you should opt for security lights that offer sufficient brightness and good battery backup. This way, you will feel safer and enjoy a long-lasting and efficient solar product experience.

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