Energy efficiency is a significant concern in the U.K, and duly so. The use of energy-efficient products reduces your fuel dependence without compromising comfort. This is prevalent in the commitment of the U.K government as they fight to bring down greenhouse gas emissions by 80%.

In this battle, solar power plays a vital role and is one of the most practical solutions for outdoor lighting. Solar-powered lights rely entirely on unlimited solar energy and do not consume electricity.

What’s more, you can use these lights for aesthetic purposes too. For instance, products like starburst solar lights can provide a dazzling effect to your garden areas.

Now, since most consumers today use the internet prior to any purchase, this article will simplify your preferences. Have a look at the complete solar firework lights buying guide and a few of the best products on the market.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best starburst solar lights available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Picks of the 5 Best Starburst Solar Lights




Lightstyle London Outdoor Solar Starburst LED Stake Light

Lightstyle London Outdoor Solar Starburst LED Stake Light

These solar lights have a metal body and come with auto on/off features for added convenience. If you are looking for a dazzling lighting option to transform your garden, the Outdoor Solar Starburst LED Stake Light is a perfect choice. Read more

The Magic Toy Shop Starburst Solar Powered Stake Lights

The Magic Toy Shop Starburst Solar Powered Stake Lights

The Starburst Solar Powered Stake Lights by The Magic Toy Shop are a collection of four fairy lights. The lights consist of 90 LEDs and come on stakes for easy installation. These lights are as functional as they are beautiful. Read more

MorNon Garden Small Solar Firework Light

MorNon Garden Small Solar Firework Light

The MorNon Garden Small Solar Firework Light is one of the most budget-friendly and versatile solar lights you can have. The flexible copper wiring in the firework lights allows you to bend it into any shape you desire. Read more

harupink Outdoor Solar Firework Light

harupink Outdoor Solar Firework Light

The harupink solar LED string lights come with smart charging and auto power on features. In addition, you get two modes of lighting. Even the solar panel has a higher rate of energy conversion, making this product a must-have. Read more

Anordsem Solar Garden Firework Lights

Anordsem Solar Garden Firework Lights

The Anordsem Solar Garden Firework Lights are among the most expensive options on the market. These DIY warm white lights offer various functions that make them worthwhile. With auto on/off and dimmable features, these are bound to accentuate your garden area effortlessly. Read more

Best Starburst Solar Lights

1. Lightstyle London Outdoor Solar Starburst LED Stake Light

Lightstyle London Outdoor Solar Starburst LED Stake Light

Who said solar lights could not look good? Manufacturers are coming up with new variations of lights powered by solar energy now and then. One such innovation is the Lightstyle London Outdoor Solar Starburst LED Stake Light.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find out how well these starburst solar lights suit your garden area. After sundown, your outdoor space will never look the same again. Let’s have a look at the features these lights offer.


Eye-Catching Display

Let’s be honest! The main reason you are looking for starburst/firework LED lights in the first place is because of their aesthetics. In this, the Outdoor Solar Starburst LED Stake Light by Lightstyle London does not disappoint.

With 90 warm LED white lights, you will easily be able to create a visually pleasing atmosphere in your outdoor space. The solar-powered panel will free you of any need for wires or electrical power.

Easy to Install

The lights are pretty easy to install as well. They come on a stake, making them a really versatile lighting option for your garden. You can use these permanent lighting solutions for your garden or use them during special occasions.

You just need to push the stake into the ground to set the lights. There is also the option of putting the lights on a plant pot to make them look like bright flowers. You can even group them together to create stunning visuals to impress the onlookers.

Auto On/Off

The lights also come with an automatic turn on/off feature. Meaning you can place them under direct sunlight during the day, and they will charge automatically.

In the absence of sunlight, the starburst lights will turn on automatically and illuminate the areas for up to six hours.


  • The lights have a sturdy metal construction
  • The stake lights are easy to install
  • These lights come with an auto turn on/off function
  • There is no need for any plugs or wires, and perfect for areas of the house with no electricity


  • The lights need to be fully charged to function

2. The Magic Toy Shop Starburst Solar Powered Stake Lights

The Magic Toy Shop Starburst Solar Powered Stake Lights

The 90 LED Starburst Solar Powered Stake Lights from The Magic Toy Shop are nothing less of a wonder. These lights come at a moderate price range, and you can pick from a set of two or four stake lights.

You also have the option of choosing single-colour or multicolour lights. Here’s what we like about this product.


Warm Colours

The Magic Toy Shop Starburst Solar Powered Stake Lights offer a range of colours that will significantly increase the aesthetics of your garden. The multicoloured lights exude a warm-toned light that will appear like an explosion of colours from a distance.

If you want to change the appearance of your outdoor areas dramatically, these lights are a staple choice. You also have the option to go for simple white lights that will look like fireworks at night.

Simple Installation

As with all stake lights, these are pretty easy to install. You can just push the stake into the area where you want the lights, and that’s it.

These lights do not require any additional wiring, so you can place them in garden areas where there is no wiring or electricity available. They are perfect for illuminating your lawns and driveways too.


One of the things we like about these lights is their incredible height. These stake lights stand at 100 cm, making them perfect for placing on the pathways and driveways.

Each LED node of the lights is 24 cm long, releasing warm solid light that you can view even from a distance.


  • The multicoloured lights add the right amount of drama to your backyard
  • 90 colourful LEDs can discharge either warm white light or colourful bursts of light
  • The stakes of the light make it easy to place them
  • These lights come with an on/off/flicker switch for additional convenience


  • Due to their height, these lights tend to stand out and may look a bit odd during the day

3. MorNon Garden Small Solar Firework Light

MorNon Garden Small Solar Firework Light

If you want a solar firework light on a budget, the MorNon Garden Small Solar Firework Light is a perfect choice. Although being the cheapest option on this list, the highly versatile nature of these lights puts them among the best products.


Flexible and Versatile

One of the most remarkable features of these lights is their versatility. You can simply twist the copper wiring into any shape, like spirals, fireworks, or flowers, as you see fit. This makes it easier to use them as decorations.

Durable and Weatherproof

The product comes with an IP65 rating for the copper wire, making them highly weatherproof. Whether it is raining or snowing outside, these lights will sustain. However, do not immerse them in water.

Long Working Hours

Apart from high durability against the outside weather, these solar firework lights also deliver a strong performance. The lights come with a built-in 600mAh Ni-MH battery that can store enough energy to sustain for eight to 12 hours.


  • You can bend these lights into various shapes
  • 90 LEDs release brilliant light
  • The product is highly weatherproof
  • The lights are inexpensive and easy to install


  • The bottom part is made of ABS plastic

4. harupink Outdoor Solar Firework Light

harupink Outdoor Solar Firework Light

Whether you want brightness or waterproofing, the DIY solar firework garden light from the house of harupink offers it all. With 120 LED bulbs, the lights successfully emulate the sunlight minus the heat.


Flexible Shapes

One of the perks of the harupink Outdoor Solar Firework Light is its bendable construction. This allows more versatility to your garden décor.

Simply bend the copper string into different shapes like flowers, spirals, fireworks, or bouquets. After that, simply push the stake into the place where you want the lights and see your outdoor areas sparkle.

High-Quality Material

The lights are made of high-quality copper and plastic, making them resistant to rust and fading. The stainless-steel rod also adds to the durability of the 40 copper wires.

In addition, the product comes with an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 65, which adds to its durability.

Multiple Use

You can use the harupink Outdoor Solar Firework lights for various purposes. Once they are fully charged during the day, these lights will automatically light up during the night.

There are two modes available:

  • Long light mode
  • Flashing mode

This makes the lights most suitable for the sidewalks, backyard, and terrace apart from the garden. You can also use these lights for Christmas and Halloween decorations.


  • The copper string lights come with 120 LED bulbs for extra brightness
  • You can bend the lights into any shape of your liking
  • The product is IP65 waterproof


  • The brand does not provide any warranty period

5. Anordsem Solar Garden Firework Lights

Anordsem Solar Garden Firework Lights

The 2-pack Anordsem Solar Garden Firework Lights are perfect decorations for Christmas and Halloween. However, that does not mean that you cannot use them to light up your garden throughout the year.

Although one of the costliest options in the market, these solar-powered firework lights are worth every penny. Let’s have a look at what we found out about these beautiful solar lights.


Versatile DIY Shape

The Anordsem Solar Garden Firework Lights are perfect for DIY shaping and decoration. Thanks to the fabric material of the highest quality, and exquisite workmanship, these lights have a highly versatile design.

As a result, you can easily decorate any plants in the garden with these. Also, you can bend them to create different shapes as there are no solder joints in the lights.

Two Lighting Modes

The lights are pretty easy to install and use. You just have to push the stake into the ground and switch them on. After that, the lights will charge during the day automatically and turn on once the sunsets.

In addition, these solar firework lights come with two lighting modes:

  • ON/OFF
  • Flash

The flash mode works best when you are decorating your staircase, courtyard, corridors, and garden area.

IP65 Waterproof

The model has an IP65 waterproof rating, making it withstand any outdoor weather conditions. You can expect a strong performance even during heavy rain or snow.

The LED firework lights work perfectly without the hassle of wires, power cords or electricity. They are also highly resistant to corrosion, and you can expect a long lifespan.


  • Highly durable and comes with an IP65 rating
  • You can bend them into any shape you like
  • Offers two modes of lighting


  • The product is quite expensive compared to other options

Starburst Solar Light Buying Guide

All the products mentioned above are highly rated by customers and match your starburst solar lights requirements.

However, it is helpful to know about these modern solar lights if you want to research them on your own.

For that, this section is provided so that you can find all the answers to your common queries in one place. Hopefully, this will help you make a better decision when purchasing starburst or firework solar lights.

What Are Solar Starburst Lights?

Solar Starburst LightsStarburst solar lights are outdoor décor items that help brighten up the outdoor spaces and aesthetically enhance them.

These lights function based on the solar energy conversion principle, as with all solar lights. You can buy single pieces or a pack of two or four of these lights to amp up your garden area.

How Do the Solar Starburst Lights Work?

A starburst solar light comes with an in-built solar panel and a battery for storing the energy. The panel acquires solar energy in the presence of sunlight.

Solar lights like these have three essential parts:

  • The solar PV panel
  • The battery
  • The lights

When night falls, the reserved energy is used to turn on the lights to create a charming effect in the garden area. Usually, the unit comes with a sensor that helps achieve this feat, so there is no need to turn it on or off manually.

In addition, these products have energy-efficient LED bulbs in them that deliver warm-toned light without any electricity.

What Are the Advantages of Solar Starburst Lights?

There are many advantages to outdoor starburst solar lights. The products usually come with IP 65 waterproof rating to ensure higher sustenance against outdoor climate. You can expect them to withstand everything from heavy rainfall to snow.

Also, these do not require any wiring or electricity to run and can function for hours on a full day’s charge.

Here are a few amazing merits of using these unique solar lights.


These lights are the perfect solution for those looking for an environmentally friendly option for their outdoor décor. These lights draw energy from the sun, which is an unlimited source of energy. So, you no longer have to worry about emissions and carbon footprints.


Overall, most products in the market are budget-friendly. Although there are some expensive ones available, you need not go for them unless you want the additional features they offer. There is no upfront investment cost either since there is no need for you to connect these lights to an electrical outlet.


The LED bulbs of the starburst solar lights have a relatively long lifespan, and you can use them daily. Even the wiring of the lights is usually made of highly durable materials, like copper and stainless steel. All of these make the products highly durable.

Easy to install

The solar starburst lights usually come with stakes that make it easy to install them. You can just push the stake into the area where you want to place the lights. They can be installed in your garden area and plant pots without any additional installation hassle.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Starburst Solar Lights

There are certain crucial factors that you need to keep in mind when buying starburst solar lights. This section will guide you through each point that will help you in your purchase.

Size and Shape

Solar Starburst Firework LightsOne of the critical aspects of buying any solar light is the size and shape of the bulbs. There are various shapes available, like fairy lights and star-shaped lights.

In addition, the starburst lights can come with bendable construction with no soldering as well. This helps you modify the structure according to your convenience when decorating during Christmas or other occasions.

Flexible Metal Wire

The flexible copper wiring in the lights makes them highly flexible. Besides bending them to your will, it also helps in the installation process. You can easily attach them to your plants, wall or plant them into the ground.

Warm White Light

These starburst lights exude warm white light for a bright yet soothing effect. Usually, most options in the market offer this type of light, but you can find some options that provide multicolour lights for an even more dramatic impact. Nonetheless, the warm tone ensures that the lights are soothing to the eyes and accentuate your outdoor area.

Solar Panel

When choosing solar lights of any kind, you need to put emphasis on the solar panel. The size of the panel determines how quickly the lights will be charged.

Also, it is better to look for lights that have a good distance between the lights and the panel. Longer cables make it easier to place them for optimum sun exposure.

Lighting Modes

Most starburst solar lights in the market come with auto ON/OFF features. This automatically lets the light charge during the daytime and turns on once night falls.

However, having some additional functionalities can always be more convenient.

For instance, some starburst lights come with two lighting modes. The additional flashing mode of the lights makes them a better decorative piece, especially during special occasions.

Battery Life and Charging Time

Solar Starburst LightThe battery is also equally important as the solar panel, as it helps store the energy and keep the lights running. You may find options that say they can be fully charged in six hours or so.

However, you need to understand that this duration is calculated in areas with abundant sunlight.

If you do not get enough sunlight in your area, the charging time will significantly increase. This is also why larger panels can help, especially in cloudy areas with limited sunlight.

Water Resistance

As your solar garden starburst lights will remain outdoors most of the time, they must be weatherproof. An IP 65 rating ensures that the lights withstand waterjets and any general outdoor particulate contamination.

You can also find products that can withstand more harsh conditions, like heavy rainfall or snow.

Wrapping Up

Decorating your outdoor patio or garden areas can be a delight if you know how to approach it right. Starburst solar lights are an ideal choice, not only because of their energy efficiency but also their beautiful appearance.

These lights can brighten up your gardens, decks, and patios without you having to rely on electricity. You do not even require any additional wiring arrangement.

On top of that, the versatility in the design of these starburst lights can make it fun to browse through the different options. All you need to do is make sure to pick a pack that suits your arrangement.

The possibilities are endless with these modern solar lights and can be the perfect start to your journey towards more environmentally friendly living.