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Wall Mounted Solar Panels

Are you looking to switch to solar energy technology, but you don’t have enough yard and roof space? Well, here’s the perfect solution for you; wall mounted solar panels! These are an excellent addition to your home or office if you don’t want to go for roof mounted panels. In 2018, the UK generated 3.9% Read more »

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

A solar panel system is a long-term investment that needs important calculations like the costs you will incur in installation and the return you will receive. The decision on installing solar panels on the ground or on the rooftop is completely dependent on the suitability of the area. Ground-mounted solar panels are one way of Read more »

UK Solar Capacity

Is talk about renewable energy, such as solar power, wind power and hydropower, something that excites you? Do you love to take care of the environment and wish to have multiple solar farms all over the UK? Maybe the UK’s solar capacity right now confuses you, and you need a guide to understand it all! Read more »

Alternative Energy Sources

As fossil fuels are moving towards an extinction phase, an array of alternative energy-producing means are being adopted. Wind power, biomass energy, tidal energy, and geothermal energy are some of the commonly used renewable energy sources. Through this article, we will look at these clean energy sources in depth. You will be able to identify Read more »

All About Organic Solar Cells

Do you have a solar panel to generate electricity at your home? Or are you a big fan of that solar-powered calculator? Well, either way, you have to thank the solar industry for blessing us all with its miracles! More so, for the renewable energy it provides! As technology is moving forward, how could the Read more »

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

UK residents are increasingly choosing solar panels to be an excellent option for sustainable energy. But some infamous pesky birds have also discovered them to be a potential home. You’ve guessed it right – we’re referring to pigeons and how they can be a pest for solar-installed premises. Pigeons and other birds usually rest on Read more »

Solar Blinds Guide

The world is gradually moving towards a more sustainable environment, one step at a time. Amidst all the technological advancements, solar-powered resources are widely preferred in the UK. Solar energy utilises light energy from the sun, generates electricity, and is a highly sustainable form of energy consumption. The next big trend taking over the UK Read more »

2kW Solar Panel System

As the whole world aims to reduce its carbon footprint, the ideal way to reduce our daily carbon emissions is by using solar products for our daily chores. You don’t need a super expensive solar PV system to replace conventional energy with solar energy in your home. All you need is an economic 2kW solar Read more »

Best Ring Doorbell Solar Chargers

You might be using a Ring Doorbell for quite some time and are happy with it. But what to do when the battery runs out? The first step is to power it up using wires and external chargers. You may even think of getting a new ring doorbell if you face charging issues. Don’t worry Read more »

Best Solar Panels for Boats

Recharging your battery can be a cumbersome task, especially on a sea trip. Well, Solar equipment is already gaining popularity, and how could the boats be behind? Solar panels will surely help you save a lot of money by generating the electricity in the boat you are traveling in! Moreover, it will provide extremely quiet Read more »