The world is gradually moving towards a more sustainable environment, one step at a time. Amidst all the technological advancements, solar-powered resources are widely preferred in the UK. Solar energy utilises light energy from the sun, generates electricity, and is a highly sustainable form of energy consumption.

The next big trend taking over the UK is solar blinds. These solar shades, also known as screen shades, do a job very similar to that of solar panels combined with window blinds. They effectively provide you privacy, protect you from harmful solar UV rays, and serve as great decor pieces.

They can be installed on all kinds of windows, like Velux roof windows, flat roof windows, pitched roof windows, etc., and can be maintained comfortably. This guide will help you find everything about solar shades and their functions.

What Are Solar Blinds?

Solar shades are typically roller blinds or shades designed primarily with a fabric woven tightly to protect against and control the sun’s harmful UV rays and glare while not hindering your view.

Solar BlindsIf you have large and big windows with ample daylight coming in through the windows, installing solar shades in your room will help you block the sunlight and reduce heat without hindering your view.

They are easy to install and work on every window and work effectively. Depending on the material of the fabric and its colour, solar blinds offer different levels of UV rays protection and transparency. This is known as the openness factor of the solar shades.

Solar-powered blinds, on the other hand, function in the same manner as solar panels do. These solar-powered blinds are installed in windows, absorb sunlight throughout the day, and transform it into electricity. This helps save energy and cost up to 70%.

Different types of Solar Blinds

Solar blinds come in different shapes and sizes and can be customised according to your window type and shape. Regardless of the shape and size, solar blinds offer complete control from harmful rays dust particles.

These energy blinds also offer super easy cleaning and complete blackout from the bright daylight, making your indoor climate an easy one. They’re infused with the latest technology and provide optimum insulation.

Types of Window Blinds

To best suit your needs, the compatibility rate of solar blinds is designed to fit all types of windows, sizes, and shapes. There are many options for you from the wide range of blinds available for you in the UK. Here is a list of some of the most common types of window blinds that are easily available.

Venetian Blinds

These blinds are one of the most common and popular types of blinds used commonly by households. These blinds are designed horizontally with the help of slats and stacked together with the help of strings or cords. When raised, these slats are stacked on top of one another and are available in various materials.

Venetian blinds are fully customised and can be shaped according to your window size and shape. With the advancements in technology, Venetian blinds can also be motorised transformed into electric blinds. They provide maximum protection from the sun’s energy.

How to Choose the Right Venetian Blinds?

When choosing Venetian blinds for your home, it’s essential to keep a few things in mind before making a purchase. These are best suited in smaller windows but are entirely customisable.

Here are some things to keep in mind before purchasing Venetian blinds.

  • Size: Before you buy these blinds, make sure to measure your windows and find the perfect match for the size, as snug-fitting would provide optimum blockage from the lighting through the windows and give your space the much-needed cool indoor climate.
  • Style: Venetian blinds are available in different styles and colours, both thick and thin. You can find many sub-categories of these blinds in the UK and find the style that best complements your interior.
  • Fabrics or Materials: Though solar shades come in different fabrics, try going for ones that offer total protection from incoming daylight through the windows.

Velux Blinds

These solar-powered blinds are perfect if you plan to go green and sustainable. Velux solar blinds are built especially for complete blackout in your room and fit perfectly in your roof window. Velux roof windows can have these blinds installed conveniently.

BlindsThese blinds are eco-friendly, and make sure to blackout the light and let some light in through the fabric. All you need are AA batteries for your new blinds to function, and you’re good to go. No extra electric connection. Some of the most commonly asked questions about Velux blinds are:

How well do the Velux roof window blinds help blackout the light?

If you’re going to get a new Velux blind installed in your window, then you can be assured of the minimum required incoming daylight into your room through the roof windows.

The fabric of the Velux roof window blind is designed in such a way to provide you with some control over the amount of light you wish to let in.

External Blinds

If you wish to make your outdoor space look sophisticated and heat-proof, going for external blinds is a great option! These blinds provide you maximum protection from the outside heat while making your outdoor space comfortable.

There are many different external blinds available in various sizes, colours, and shapes. Here are some of the advantages of using external blinds:

Compact Size

External blinds are compact in size and don’t occupy a large part of your outdoor space, making it aesthetically pleasing. These blinds can be installed on your window frame, and the top can be customised according to the design of your house.

Easy to Install

The installation process of outdoor blinds is super easy, this is one of the most attractive features of these blinds. You can install them within minutes, simply click to operate, and you’re good to go! You also get to save some money with minimum installation requirements.

Affordable to Use

External solar blinds come with endless benefits yet are easy on your pocket and don’t cost you a lot of money. These blinds help you save maximum energy. Though they’re less expensive, the quality of these blinds is not compromised.

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are among the most sophisticated-looking blinds that fold into an accordion-like shape that can be raised or lowered. However, these blinds cannot be adjusted from side to side.

Pleated blinds are made from either paper or light fabric, making them eco-friendly and sustainable. You can also choose from a range of design options, including blackout and thermal linings.

These blinds give a classic look to your home or office space and provide good protection from incoming daylight.

What is the Cost of Solar Blinds?

The cost of solar blinds depends mainly on the size of your windows. If you’re installing new blinds in four average-sized windows, it would cost you 3,700 Euros to cover all four windows of your house. The cost increases according to the size of your windows.

The amount of solar energy generated would differ in terms of how big or small the size of the window is. So go for thorough research before you decide to get these installed.

How Much Energy is Generated by Solar Blinds?

This is widely affected by several factors like geographic location, climate and seasons, and type of building. On average, 1m square of solar blinds can generate up to 1000W energy per hour. In comparison to this, a regular 2m square window will produce 1kWh per day.

The technique used in solar blinds is similar to sunflowers, which is sun-tracking. In this technique, the solar panels are automatically adapted to the angle of the sunlight in order to produce maximum energy.

Do Solar Shades Block Heat?

The answer to this is very simple – yes, they do! Solar shades help in effectively managing external heat. The type of fabric, installation and fitting, colours, and openness of the shades hugely affects this.

Along with protecting your interior from outdoor heat, solar shades also help you save a lot of money that’s otherwise spent on other devices needed to keep your interior cool and comfortable.

Bottom Line

Installation of solar shades has become a popular trend in the UK and can be seen in many households. These blinds are easy to use and install and don’t occupy a lot of space within your house, giving your home enhanced decor.

Solar blinds are much better than regular blinds, and they come loaded with benefits and advantages. Apart from households, they are an excellent choice for commercial spaces while helping them save energy effectively.

Except for the bathroom, bedroom, and living room windows that require privacy, you can use them absolutely anywhere as per your choice. However, if you wish to use it in your bedroom, make sure you add another layer of privacy besides the solar blinds.

These can also be operated under various weather conditions with temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celcius and warmer temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celcius.

The blinds come with a storm protection mode, but it’s highly recommended that the blinds be fully retracted to protect them from severe weather conditions.