The world as a whole has been on the path of constant development. This, along with the increasing population, has contributed to better and increased human consumption. With benefits like these on one side, we also have stumbling blocks like depleting non-renewable energy resources.

With calculations forecasting exhaustion in the next few decades, the onus is on humanity to look for alternative resources to preserve this civilisation. But why look around when the solution is right above your head?

Dubbed as the most important renewable energy source, various companies have tapped solar energy for human consumption. The number of solar installations in the UK is expected to increase to more than 10 million by 2020.

Tesla has been one of the most prominent players in this domain which created its ground base back in 2016, but with a twist and a promise to generate power in a well-organised way. They offer unique solar panels that are a class apart, solar roofs, and Powerwalls for backup.

What Are Tesla Solar Panels?

When we talk about solar energy generation, it is the solar panels that come into function. Being the change that any modern person would desire, Tesla has shown distinction in this area.

Though their work is similar to any other solar panel, different attributes make them distinguished and above others. Here are a few features of the Tesla solar panels that make them stand apart from others:

  • Design: As the panels are built close to the roof, they maintain a low profile with minimal signs of any additional fittings. Integrated hardware helps them nearly blend in with the roof’s exterior, thus creating a sleek and aesthetic appeal and durable enough to last decades.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring facilities are always considered an asset considering the value added to the services. Tesla deserves a pat on the back; some extra points, including a mobile monitoring app, can help you track the production and efficacy and spot any defects that may hamper smooth functioning.
  • Economical Installation: Instead of physical inspection of the house’s housing area, remote aerial imagery of the house is taken. Based on this data, the designs are then created, and installations are scheduled with required permits.

What Are Tesla Solar Roofs?

Solar ShinglesThinking beyond the box, Tesla has revolutionised solar energy generation with their solar roofs. In this set up the panels are replaced by solar shingles embedded within the tempered glass that merge with the exterior design of the roof. This roof is now capable of capturing solar energy to power your home while rendering a radiant appearance.

Residential rooftop installations induce more intrigue due to their nifty features like:

  • Durability: Solar shingles are sturdier than the standard panels, which makes the former resistant enough to substantially minimise the risk of any damage due to any environmental and climatic elements.
  • More Energy: Due to the employment of the entire rooftop, solar roofs generate more solar energy than solar panels, where the surface area utilised is less.
  • Aesthetic Value: With no protruding panels and an integrated build, the design gives an illusion of a standard roof. So, the structure lends the house an aesthetic appeal while generating energy in the guise of a roof.

Tesla Solar Roofs vs Tesla Solar Panels

Though the solar roofs have been creating more noise, it has been established that both roofs and panels have pros and cons. So, without further ado, let’s list them down for further analysis.

Solar roofs, any day, beat the solar panels when they are judged on their aesthetic contribution. Solar roofs are better camouflage than panels.

Even though solar tiles are stronger and more durable than standard roofing tiles, severe storms may cause damage, thus incurring high repair costs. Installation of Tesla solar panels are remarkably cheaper than that of solar roofs. Solar shingles for the roofing cost more, with a larger coverage area adding to the expense.

As we analyse the different factors, we get a clear winner in Tesla solar panels.

What Is a Tesla Powerwall?

Every solar product associated with Tesla is inclusive of Powerwall, which is the compact battery system of the company. Like any other battery, Powerwall too stores energy, in this case, solar energy.

This battery system comes in handy when the sun is not there to conjure up its magic. They prove their usefulness in situations like that during power outages, rough weather and at night when solar energy generation is implausible.

Is It Worth Investing in the Tesla Solar Panel and Solar Roof?

Standard solar panels have been around for quite some time now. With a huge company like Tesla coming to prominence in this territory due to its unconventional offerings, other companies may face stiff competition.

But which is preferred by the customer? Or who is worthy of your investment? Let’s dig deeper into that.

Tesla has created a standardised solar system in different sizes, namely small, medium, large and extra-large, thus simplifying the purchase process. Based on your energy consumption, Tesla provides recommendations regarding the size of the system required. This system is unheard of in other standard solar companies.

Photovoltaic Solar ShinglesDue to its online ordering process, Tesla boasts lower prices, eliminating the salesperson’s need and doing away with overhead charges. Also, Tesla being a magnanimous establishment, small losses can be managed if their panels are given away at lower rates. Other solar companies do not have the luxury to take such a risk.

Tesla solar is more effective in generating power, and with the Powerwall, they get an added advantage of an adequate power backup system.

Mobility or flexibility is a significant cause of concern for Tesla as their roofs and panels cannot be transferred from one place to another due to them being custom fit to your home. It is not the case with the standard panels, which can easily move.

Tesla is infamous for its tacky customer service, which can be a decisive factor in customer influx. Unchecked issues can create unprecedented losses for the customer. Lower costs and simpler processes may give an impression of Tesla being the chosen one. But currently, that is far from reality due to their flaws carrying more weightage.

What Is the Pricing for Tesla Solar Panels and Roofs?

As compared to other solar companies, Tesla solar systems come with a hefty price tag. Traditional solar panels are comparatively cheaper than Tesla panels and roofs. With that said, the price range also revolves around the infrastructure and structure of the house.

Tesla solar roofs or shingles are pricier when compared to solar panels as they cover a larger surface area. Hence, you can expect to shell out tons of money for the initial installation cost. Also, if the solar shingles get damaged due to any natural calamity, the repair costs are significantly higher than a conventional panel.

Below is the price range for the solar panel system as of now:

System SizePrice
8 kW£11,954
12 kW£17,932
16 kW£23,909
4 kW£5,977

Solar roofs and tiles are comparatively even more expensive than solar panels. Hence, Tesla provides Solar Loan for the users through which they can make monthly payments. Here we have an estimated monthly payment that Tesla offers to its customers:

Solar System SizeDown PaymentMonthly Payment
8 kW£1,960£154
12 kW£2,558£277
16 kW£3,630£392
4 kW£1,363£147

Wrapping Up

The UK, as of now, is one of the leading countries in solar energy capacity in Europe. By 2019, its installed capacity was over 13 GW. This transformation has paved the road for a potential market opportunity for all major solar companies.

Tesla has been gaining ground in solar energy generation, but it has its demons to fight. With further developments and improvements in the products, no one can deny its share of success. Future may have better things written for Tesla, but the current scenario is better suited for the standard solar panels.