Are you one of those people who are tired of paying their sky-high energy bills?

Every time the chilling winters strike, you worry more about your electricity bills than the water heating system. That’s where thermodynamic panels swoop in with renewable energy for all your hot water needs.

Whether you’re concerned about the cost of installation or maintenance, thermodynamic solar panels come through for every need that you have!

It’s time to say bye-bye to costly electricity and hello to hot water all year long!

What are the Thermodynamic Panels?

The thermodynamic panels are solar technology-based air source heat pumps. Usually, the most common image that erupts in our minds is a plate with photovoltaic (PV) cells for a solar energy system on the roof. But, thermodynamic solar is diverse from PV panels.

While the conventional systems operate on the heat from the sun, the latest technology utilises air source heat for your hot water cylinder.

Even though they might appear like solar thermal panels, they act as a refrigerator in reverse. The technology depends on the temperature difference between the coolant in the systems and the air around them.

How Do Thermodynamic Solar Panels Work?

The thermodynamic panels garner heat from the atmosphere while placed on the roof. Unlike the conventional panels, they are solar-assisted heat pumps.

To be precise, the liquid refrigerant circulates directly through a panel and absorbs heat while vaporizing and turning into a gas.

Solar ThermalUnlike the PV cell-based solar heating systems, the thermodynamic panels don’t need full sunlight to work. While they can obviously absorb energy from direct sunlight, the heating panel uses ambient air source heat. That’s why they’re more commonly called collector solar thermal panels.

The critical efficiency indicator for solar thermal panel technology is the coefficient of performance (COP). Your device’s COP is the measure of the amount of heat generated for each unit of electricity put into the system. The higher the COP, the better the home air source heat pump.

Mount the thermodynamic panel boiler on your roof or a wall, they’re flexible to adapt and deliver central heating whenever you need!

How Are Thermodynamic Panels Different from Solar Hot Water Systems?

The main point of difference lies in their sunlight exposure.

The solar hot water can either heat the refrigerant or the water directly on the traditional collector systems. The collectors need direct sunlight to heat the fluid in a hot water cylinder.

On the other hand, solar-assisted thermodynamic panels are more efficient because they can store heat by pressuring and concentrating. So, now your water heating system doesn’t need to run all day to heat water, instead, it can use the preserved warmth.

Technologically, the difference occurs because of the compressor that acts as a controller during the thermal exchange.

Note: Although the panel system is efficient for your heating needs, you can get the best of them in direct sunlight during freezing weather.

What Are the Benefits of Thermodynamic Panels?

The thermodynamic panels form one of the most exciting technology among clean energy enthusiasts. Whether you want hot water or central heating, with little maintenance and low costs, they’re capable of providing heat all day long.

But that’s just not it!

Reduced Electricity Bills

Operating on fluid to turn into gas, with a thermodynamic panel installed, you can ditch the expensive heat pump and installers.

Depending upon the size of the heat pump, type of the heater, and the area to be heated, you can save a considerable amount of money.

The thermodynamic panels boast of low cost and high efficiency for you to get free hot water all season long. In fact, you can get your constant hot water supply with a drop of your electricity bills by 50%–80%.

Exceptional Renewable Energy Source

Free, Cost-Effective, and Sustainable – These are the markers of solar panel energy.

With the sun as the powerhouse of your energy needs, clean harvesting becomes a cakewalk. On top of it, no more carbon emissions or carbon footprint woes for you.

You might have been using gas or electricity so far for your hot water needs. But now, you can save all the excuses and money in one go.

Doesn’t it feel good to be of use to the environment?

Property’s Invaluable Asset!

Solar Thermal CollectorsWhether you’ve installed for hot water temperature or central heating system, it reflects well for your property. From domestic to commercial use, the thermodynamic panels enhance the property value because of the long-term efficiency they come with.

So, if you want to set off a mortgage for 20 years, it’s best to look for houses with solar heating systems installed. Instead of a price cut, you’ll end up getting more quotes than you can anticipate.

Little Maintenance Requirements!

With more and more upgrades in solar technology, you get the best in variety and low in maintenance. Most of the warranties with the thermodynamic panels cover longer durations and, therefore, hassle-free heating for the owners.

Effectively, with many reduced panels’ costs in the market and added warranty support, you may even call it a free energy generator.

Get used to the new installers for free heating of your home!

Note: You may dust the thermodynamic panels as part of your regular cleaning routine for optimum performance.

Good Return on Investment

You can save so much money and earn by selling the excess energy to the grid.

Even though the thermodynamic panels cost a reasonable amount initially, you save money on the bills. At the same time, you could get rewarded through government grants.

All you need to do is find a scheme in your homeland to grant you a perfect return on investment.

Could gas ever get you and your country closer to greener solutions?

Tips to Take Care of Your Thermodynamic Panels

Even though the solar thermal panels make for one of the most cost-effective and hassle-free systems, you still need precautions for handling!

Don’t Touch When The Panel is On.

You must deal with the solar heating system very carefully, especially when it’s turned on. It’s evident for any rational person not to get close to any heat or electricity generating equipment. However, you must be extra cautious while cleaning or disinfecting your system.

Don’t Tamper with System.

Turning and operating your panels is relatively easy. Even when you have a doubt, the manual guide is also straightforward to consult and get guidance from.

If any faults arise, you can always consult a specialist to get rid of your panel woes.

Take Measures During Extreme Weather

You can never know when the storm will hit your area. However, you must take precautions when there’s any hailstorm or extreme weather activity in your region.

The best caution you can exercise in the unlikely turn of events is disconnecting your domestic solar thermal system.

Final Thoughts

Thermodynamic solar panels are becoming the favourite source of renewable power for users with high efficiency.

Whether you want a domestic system or a commercial panel for your heating needs, the solar thermal panels can compress them all. On top of it, the electricity consumption in your home also takes a drop.