Is talk about renewable energy, such as solar power, wind power and hydropower, something that excites you? Do you love to take care of the environment and wish to have multiple solar farms all over the UK? Maybe the UK’s solar capacity right now confuses you, and you need a guide to understand it all!

Well, you’ve come to the right place to learn more about the UK solar industry.

What Percentage of UK Power Is Solar?

This is a fundamental question in terms of finding out the reality behind solar PV capacity in the United Kingdom. In terms of solar energy UK, statistics show that 28 per cent of renewable energy in the United Kingdom was through solar energy. That seems to be significant progress from the previous year!

Generally, wind power is at the top of the renewables game but is it not exciting to see solar generate almost a third of the electricity generated. Maybe solar panels can produce more electricity and help fight climate change in the future. Don’t you agree?

It is great to see no growth in the proportion of harmful fossil fuels.

What Is the Capacity of The World for Solar Power?

House Solar PanelsCarbon emissions are at an all-time high, and that is concerning. Large scale solar farms and a solar industrial strategy for various PV projects is required for a massive reduction in climate change. In 2019, the total amount of solar energy due to residential as well as government solar photovoltaic projects was around 627 gigawatts.

This is reported by the International Energy Agency (IEA). If climate change is something that concerns you, this must be excellent news to hear!

Who Is the Largest Producer of Solar Panels in The UK?

Now, as a consumer who would love to have their residential home be a solar farm, it is good to know who is the largest producer of solar energy UK. Shotwick Solar Farm is the largest producer of solar energy in the UK. Their solar photovoltaics deployment has led to them having an installed capacity of almost 13 Gigawatts.

A company which specialises in solar panels for the UK is Romag. It is the leading manufacturer and is a good business committed to the growth of Solar PV farms and energy.

Which Country Has the Highest Solar Capacity in The World?

Research has shown that in the year 2020, with no stop in economic growth or unnecessary additional economic activity, China was able to become the leading country to use Solar energy. This is a great example for the British government to follow.

Data shows that solar energy used in China was around 30 per cent in the year 2020. This is a strong position that China has acquired and is expected to continue with. Green homes and the installation of support for companies promoting solar installations helps keep the world green.

You must agree that China has really upped the game for all of us!

How Much Solar Power Capacity Does the UK Have?

You must be very interested in the UK solar total installed capacity and data related to solar installations throughout the UK. The solar power of the UK has actually seen an increase. The new capacity stands at 13,259 Megawatts.

Implementations of the feed in tariff scheme and efforts from the climate change committee for the growth and increased access of Solar PV plants has helped a lot. The British government has become the chief executive operator of subsidies and good legislation for UK Solar.

Is Solar Power Viable in The UK as Renewable Energy?

Solar PV PanelsIt is vital to scale solar business in the UK for more installations and accelerate deployment of solar farms for solar media to thrive. Feed in tariff is a good example of a grand scheme that will actually make a difference in the UK with regards to installed solar plants.

Even though the UK has drab weather, it is a great place to install solar plants. All that rain does not mean there is no sunshine to be found! Even a single plant can bring about change. Sixty per cent of the solar radiation from the Equator can be found in the UK. Hence, the installations of solar panels is an excellent choice.

Research has shown that one of the best clean sources of energy is solar and onshore wind energy. Utility scale solar in the UK thus becomes an important factor to note.

What Is the Best Area for Solar Energy in The UK?

The top place in the UK for solar energy is in South West England. You must already know how efficient and marvellous it is if you live here!

There is a solar capacity of about 614 Megawatts. This means that there is a considerable volume of non-domestic solar power than the rest of the areas in the UK.

Final Words

You now have all the information you need about the solar capacity in the UK. You know that solar energy is one of the best forms of energy out there for the environment. There are no toxic substances being emitted into the air, and the world becomes a cleaner and greener place.

With a minimal carbon footprint, solar energy is the future, and you must be excited to see it flourish!